Feeling down

I have had issues with my lower and upper back for awhile, but recently my lower back has gotten much worse. I had an MRI and it showed moderately herniation of all the disks between t12 and L5, narrowing of the spinal canal, narrowing of the openings where the nerves exit and arthritis. The doctor put me on Gabapentin, cbd powder and did a spinal injection. When things are bad I also take some Tylonal or ibropropin.  This has resulted in a cycle of some days I feel almost normal, the next I can't get out of bed. The issue is not so much the pain, but this feeling in my back that something is very wrong when I try to walk. Some days my upper body is about 10 degree off from straight. I can move around in bed fine but not really sit up.

Right now I'm stuck in bed again. I feel like a wuss, and I shouldn't let this keep me down. That and I'm feeling that I'm missing out of all the family stuff. The wife is great. The kids are great. But this is still getting old.



  • Your feelings are understandable, but pain can get you down only if you let it do so, sounds like your doctor is trying all conservative treatments first and that can be a long and frustrating process but a lot of times they work and you avoid the more invasive treatments. I know it can be hard but you are the only one that can control the mental part, I have a lot of days when I have to force myself out of bed because of pain but when I do I feel much better, like I said you are the only one that can do this. I look at it like this I am going to hurt in the bed or out of bed so mentally I feel much better getting up. Good luck with your treatments and I hope you find relief quickly.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,315

    On the days that you re feeling normal, what are you doing?  Are you doing some things that you know will set you back for a couple of days? If so, we all tend to do that. I think mentally, we have to. On days where I "feel better", I want to do things I can't get done on bad days. But I pay for it for days. Yesterday I did simple things but stayed busy. Today, I'm in my chair and can't move.
    Hopefully you will get better and can get back to normal. Just be patient.

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  • Not much. I work at home, so I will be at my computer most of the day.  I will try to get in a few hundred steps walking laps in the house, going up and down stairs, cooking, maybe putting dishes in the washer. One set back was due to doing some warm water aerobics, but not the current one.

  • It's ok and normal fo feel down with chronic pain

    It's not something to be avoided or be ashamed of. The process of learning to cope is sometimes long and frustratingly slow.

    Relentless optimism in the face of adversity marks the Spiney life.even when it is at its worst,try to stay positive...its something that is worked on like a discipline  and means your getting stronger emotionally and spiritually.

    Learning  to be gentle with yourself,forgiving yourself for not being able to participate so much in family life and out in the world is important. It's ok to feel down as there is no judgemant here.

    Talking out to us what hurts is better than bottling up the feelings where it may become a toxic cycle. The darkness for us is always near and present. Having a support structure helps from people with similar feelings.

    Learning to balance takes it's own time when you work at it. 

    Your not alone.dont ever feel alone in your battles,we are strong and weak in turn and when were strong it feels great to help others in their hours of need.

    Plant the seeds of determination,resolution, perseverance  and self honesty and nurture them until they bear eternal fruit.

    Hang in there!

  • Just thought I would check back in. I'm up and moving again. I can move around the house, even went outside and put worms in the bird feeder. Can't  walk or sit for very long yet. But I expect that will increase over the next few days. I plan on getting in the warm pool by Saturday. 

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,315

    Great news, thanks for the update!! Just keep moving, it will get better. The very best exercise is in the pool!! Try and do that as often as you can.
    Keep us updated!!

  • Hope you are doing better.

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 818

    i hope you are doing better!  we all have those days.  be kind to yourself....took me a long time to figure out that my random painful days are quite often affected by the barometric pressure changing and not by anything that i did.....once i figured that out it was easier to deal with.  still have "those" days, but at least i don't blame myself....this is quite the challenging journey we are all on, i'm just glad we have a spot to come to and chat, and most often find out that we are perfectly normal!  i love the pool!  while i'm in swimming or walking or floating i feel invincible.  i just have to remember i'm not a super hero when i get out and gravity still can put up a good fight LOL.  take it slow and steady.  and we're here when needed!!!

  • I just wanted to check back in and conclude this with a happy ending. I'm now on some new meds (Gabapentin and CBD powder). I'm generally feeling good. I went to the gym and walked 2 miles in 32mins. I still have to be careful about sudden movements and lifting anything, but I am fully mobile. As WLLady stated I can now forecast the weather. When storms are coming I can feel it in my back, legs, and arm. 

  • I seem to be experiencing nerve pain in my gluts, down the sides of my thighs and into the bottoms of my feet. I'm not a fan of medication it seems to always make me feel weird. I have been to several doctors and I don't really have a diagnosis so I'm education myself. How is the Gabapentin working for you? Are you getting any side effects? I still am trying to work on a full time basis so I can't be dizzy at work. :)

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,315

    We like happy endings, great news. I am so glad this all worked out for you.
    Take care and still let us know how you are dong.

  • Gapapentin works well for me with slight side effects. It doesn't stop me from working. However, without a diagnosis, there is no telling if it will help you. In addition, Gabapentin is not something you should take unless you are under a doctors care. There can be adverse effects if the medician is improperly started or stopped. Go to a doctor and have them perform the needed tests.

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