Sacroiliac pain

Hi there

I'm new to the forum.

For the last few weeks I have been dealing with symptoms of SI pain. I think it may have been triggered from the gym.

Sitting, standing and walking is difficult for longer than a few minutes

I'm.hoping to get an MRI Scan soon and cortisone injection.

I had disc surgery 18 years ago and my back has been generally very good since.

Just wondering what people's experience is of SI pain, how long it lasts etc?





  • I would add that in excruciating pain in the morning. It gets slightly bettet as the day wears on.

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    welcome to spine health
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    i've had si joint problems too for a while. while injections help some people they did nothing for me. the only thing that ever helped was a procedure called a caudal block (or caudal epidural injection). the first time i had an injection, i was almost pain free for over 3 months. now i am due for another one and can't wait.

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  • Thanks both for your input! This is a new pain experience for me!

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