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Tens Unit [edit]

RainyDayDivaRRainyDayDiva South Hill, WAPosts: 37
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Hi Everyone!

I am sure there's been lots of discussions on these but I'm looking for recommendations on an external tens unit? I am considering the iReliev Tens+EMS but would love to hear what you have had success with! It will be for my mid and low back and si joint issues. 

Thanks in advance! 

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    There is more than one 


    My comment concerns the use of the Tens Unit.  Which ever one you decide to use, consider purchasing the belt with the pads built on in.  This way, you can put on the belt and the pads are aligned.  You don't have to have any assistance.  The pads normally have a sticky substance to hold the pad in position.

    I had the SCS put in 5 weeks ago today and love it.

    Good Luck,


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