Tree Fell on Me

Hello All,

Long story short I had a good size tree free fall,land, and drive me into the ground. It hit me upper left back and crumbled me over my right leg. I suffered 6 fractured vertebrae with the worst one being T8 and loosing 30% vertebral height. The emergency room missed the fractures on the CT scans and I went the next 4 months thinking I had bad brusing. After going to ortho,getting an MRI, the fractures had started to heal and nothing could be done at that point. I have been doing PT for nearly a year and still have bad flare ups. When I twist I can o lu go so far before feeling pain which prevents me to go any further. I exercise weekly. It definitely has taken a toll mentally on me. I have peaked in recovery and dont seem to be getting better anymore. With so much force to my back, is there a chance I damaged some intercostal nerves which could be the pain I'm experiencing? 



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    hello schlitz!
    welcome to spine health
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    that is my biggest fear for my husband while he is cutting trees down for our fireplace. i am so sorry this happened to you.
     if it were me, i would either go back to your ortho or go to a neurologist. by waiting you could cause more damage to the nerves. does your doctor have you on meds for the flare ups or nerve pain?
    i know this can play on your mentally but hang in there. get the right test done so you and your doctor can come up with some options. 

    take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

  • I’d be taking my MRI to a neurosurgeon for evaluation.

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  • Do you usually need a referral to see a neurologist/nuerosurgeon?

  • Quick follow up. Still doing PT and still have bad flare ups. Haven't found the "fix" yet.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,137


    Thanks for the update!! At least you are not giving up.
    Keep us posted and take care.

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  • Schlitz - I agree the the comment made earlier, I think you really deserve it for yourself to get a second opinion from a spine surgeon that does procedures on complex spine cases.  You might want to consider one on the "regional hospitals" that rate very high in spine procedures.  If you want to discuss, more in detail, please private message me.

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