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Hi all. Hope everyone is well. I had a Tlif surgery done on my l5 s1 disc back in August last year. It was to fix a large disc tear. Fast forward 5 and a half months and my pre surgery issues are gone. However 2 months after surgery i noticed a new pain felt further down into my buttocks. To cut a long story short i had a ct scan and it showed osteoarthritis in both si joints but right side worse. I have had 2 si joint injections and both of them had no effect at all. I am able to walk and stretch everyday however both of these cause me more pain. Sleeping has become a big problem as any movement in bed even lying still is painful. Any amount of bending forward causes more pain 2. Housework is a big problem also. I am still unable  to work. I have done extremely physical work since i was 17. Looking for others in the same boat or any comments. Thanks. Adam 33 years old



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    I am so sorry to hear about this. Unless you have osteo no one can understand the pain it can cause. Other than the injections, has anything else been done to relieve some of the pain? Below is a link for you to read to better understand osteo. For over the counterand home treatment, read the "Blend".

    All about Osteoarthritis 
    Osteoarthritis Health Center 

    Take care and keep usposted on how you are doing.

  • Thankyou Sandra. I take palexia only if i am desperate. I don't like taking medication. Plays with my head. I do alot of walking and si joint exercises daily. I go back to my surgeon in a few wks so i plan to ask him for advice moving forward. If this becomes a permanent thing i wud like to atleast see a specialist and have them do the physical tests for si joint dysfunction

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,412

    Sounds like a good plan. At least you are staying on top of this by trying to find an answer.
    Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.

  • HI Adam
    I read several of your previous posts and am so happy you are going to go the route of the physical exam as a tool to get the right diagnose. Also I am wondering is your Doctor trained, experienced in the field of Si joint problems that can be important. 
    My surgeon (never had the surgery) but he told me that is number one in his book. 
    Just my thoughts best of luck and for sure let us know how you are doing.

  • Thankyou Sandra and Sherri i really appreciate it. To answer u Sherri, my Surgeon is not trained in the si joint. He is a Neurosurgeon. However i trust him 100% and hopefully he will know of a surgeon who deals specifically with the si. I am only going to see a specialised si surgeon if this doesn't change longterm. I have only had what i believe is si joint dysfunction for not quite 4 months. I believe the only way i will get a diagnosis is with the physical exam. The si injections for me don't prove either way anything. Take care i will continue to update

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