Does anyone take this many medications?

 Does anyone take this many medications? I take gabapentin? Oxycotin, norco, clomazapam, zanaflex , and Flomax. ,  I have spasticity, back pain, neck pain, and nerve pain. I broke my neck five years ago and have a spinal cord injury at C 1 C2 , I’m just wondering if anyone else takes this much medication? You can personal message me back if you’d like or post a response. Take care and God bless



  • Mike I'd sure like to cut back but I take 3300mg of gabapentin, 20-25mg of Percocet, 20 mg of baclofen, meloxicam for inflammation. I tried Turmeric but it upsets my stomach. I really need more baclofen but too much mental confusion. I also take magnesium. Sensitive subject but how do you keep the constipation under control? It's a constant struggle for me. 

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 382

     Constipation is a struggle, I take MiraLAX and Phillips milk of magnesia, if that doesn’t work then I use liquid fleet. Suppository 

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  • Hi Mike
    You should see my husbands medication too many to put here and the sad thing is he would rather take a med than change his diet or lifestyle.
    I at one time was taking 20 different kinds a day now I am down to 6 different kinds. A lot of them were different Vitamins and over the counter stuff decided to cut all that out.
    Constipation a nightmare for sure depends so much on what I eat. 

  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259

    You are not alone - I have 13 prescriptions and a morphine pain pump. It does get tiresome but what's the alternative? They help us have another day on the right side of the grass! :)

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 382

     Hi Jerome,  I guess my concern is taking so many medications it causes other problems, I wish I could come off all medications  at least for a while.   Thanks for the input .

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  • Yes like all of you, I would do ALMOST anything to get down to a reasonable level of meds. I guess I have to weigh the benefits with the risks. I've tried cutting back on the gabapentin but the nerve pain is unbearable so I deal with the side effects and possible long term damage. Right now, any less than 20mg of oxy and I can't function so I take it. I guess I have to accept whe wher where I'm at and keep working to improve or at least stay stable. I get SO weary of chasing answers. Later this month, I'll start at a Behavioral Pain Management Center and maybe that will teach me how to better understand and manage my pain. It's counseling, education, coping skills and they have a group session too. I'll know more when I go for my intake interview on the 20th. So maybe, just maybe, that will help me reduce some meds, we shall see. 

  • Ron, when you say it was difficult to wean off the Neurotin, do you mean pain wise or withdrawal? Does walking increase your pain level? I do it but it ramps up my pain so much that it's almost counterproductive. Hopefully I can get back in the water soon. The ice storms here in KC have been awful, ER's have been overrun with people falling so I haven't been out much. My poor daughter in law fell in her driveway and broke her arm! 

  • Like Mike, I too feel like I am on way too many meds and I wonder what the long term impact is.  Through the course of the last year I have gotten off Xanax (taken for 15 years) and Soma (4yrs).  But every time I’ve managed to drop a med something else is added.  Meurontin, amiltriptiline, cymbalta, tizanidine, Lexapro, which shouldn’t be mixed with cymbalta but the Drs said it’s ok. And then the supplements good gosh everyone has to interact with meds somehow.   AND, The last time I went to pickup pain meds there was one for narcan, which I refused.  

     As for gabapentin, when I first took it after it was prescribed due to major post op nerve pain, I stopped for 1 month because of horrible hallucinogenic dreams.    nerve pain post op was so bad I was told taking gab would augment the opiates, so suck it up and get through the initial bad reactions, that would go away. I guess they did, but I am constantly tired and  nauseous-just hate being on it, but when I forget my dose I feel it.   I’m in process of weaning off opiates, next will be gab if possible.  

    Curious how your dr took you down so much Ron, I’ve been told a number of times anything below 1800mg was not as effective.  Honesty they prescribe them(270 pills at a time), and I feel I take them, Like candy. 

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    You you mentioned cholesterol medications, because at the end of the day the same methodology should apply to pain medications.  Does the benefit exceed the risk?  For me, I take the minimum amount of Crestor needed to keep my cholesterol in a healthy range.  I'm aware there could be long term risks, but heart disease runs in the family and my doctor and I believe the benefit exceeds the risks.  Pain medications really are no different, even though the benefit is up front rather than down the road.  


  • Ron,  My husband takes some of the same meds you take.  He is on allopurinal for gout, Atorvastatin, and 6 others relating to his artificial mitral valve.  I am going to have him go thru the list with his MD one by one and ask questions.  One I know he would love to quit taking is Lasix.  He hates it because if he has an early morning meeting or something he can't take it! (unless he wants to excuse himself 15 times!)

    He has been on these same meds for several years so it's probably a good times to double check them.  Thanks!


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