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Loss of ROM of left arm after Posterior cervical revision

In January 2015 I had anterior disectomy and fusion. 6 months following the fusion I began having severe pain in right side and arm again. Every time after surgery they had me see the PA. After imaging, facet block, and all different types of medications the pain got worse and finally was told needed to see my surgeon because his PA was stumped. As soon as the surgeon brought up the xrays he knew right away that the fusion failed and the disc was gone. So after a CT scan I was diagnosed with pseudoarthrosis with symptoms. Since I had just started a new job surgery at the time was not a option. So I went back to pain management and was helped with rhizotomies for a bit. Pain and migraines never went away but enough to function. My last rhizotomy in Nov 2018 aggravated something on the right to the point I knew it was time for surgery. So January 23 I had a posterior C5/C6 revison. My right side is doing great and the only pain at first was the incision. Now in the post op room I told them I was unable to move my left arm up and now have pain top of left shoulder, I am unable to raise arm unless I raise it and it falls right down if I let go. I can’t even comb hair or put it in a pony tail. I am left handed and I am an X-ray/ mammo tech and really concerned about the arm. I never had but a few symptoms with the left side from time to time.  I called last week but they did not seem to concerned yet. It’s now 11 days out and no improvement. Has anyone had the same problem and will I get the use of my arm back? In my free time I enjoy drawing and painting  so another concern besides not being able to do my job with one arm. Thanks for any answers or suggestions for what to say at my appointment this week. 



  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 239

    It was the same for me too! Never had a problem with my left and after I woke up I realized I could barely lift my arm and it felt so weak. I freaked out. With physical therapy it came back almost completely. It's not enough for me to notice but if u test them separately there is a slight difference. I am 11 mth post posterior 3 thru 6 after a 2015 failed fusion of acdf 5 thru 7. Dont give up hope and work hard in pt...happy healing!


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