Roller Coasters at Disneyland?

After a Mobi-C Disc replacement at C5/6, are my roller coaster days over? My family will be visiting Disneyland in July. I had the surgery on Jan 21st. 



  • I go to Disney a lot.  Over 20 trips up to now and sadly cannot ride the rollercoasters any more. There are noticed in all the rides warning not to ride if you have any back/neck problems and I know they do bump you around so personally do not want to take the risk.   I did on my last trip do sirin and the new pandora ride but kept to the shows and just looked after everyone’s belongings while they ride   It does suck but I found lots of things I hadn’t done before as no long waits   I hope you can still enjoy your trip, and check in with the customer service team as they can give detailed advice on all activity’s and the rides

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    I hadn’t thought of that, no more space or thunder mountain??? The thought of going to Disney just makes me tired so when I get stronger I guess I’ll ask my surgeon if my newly fused back l3-s1 would survive any rides besides it’s a small world  :o

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  • slysene-Very good question, one I would talk to my surgeon about for sure.

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