Worst pain in my life

I am a 34 year old female and started having pain in my right buttocks 9 days ago. I started having pain 2 days before that but figured it was a hemorrhoid and I could deal with that. The two pains were different though and one was extreme. I went to Urgent Care last Tuesday and they said they didn't see anything except a hemorrhoid. They gave me a prescription for some cream and told me if the pain is still there after a few days then to see another doctor (forgot what kind)

I told my sister and my that this was NOT just a hemorrhoid, it was something else. A few days later I had my sister drive me to the hospital because the pain was so intense. I mean sobbing from the pain and trying to pass out. I am unable to stand, walk, sit or lay on my back or stomach. I only get slight relief by laying on my side. I had to lay on the hospital floor (on a blanket) because I couldn't sit in a chair or stand. They took me back and I explained where I was hurting and the doctor touched different places on my buttocks and told me to tell her when it hurt. I screamed in pain because it can't even be lightly touched. She said I have Sciatica and gave me a pain shot, steroid shot and a muscle relaxer. Also a prescription for muscle relaxers and Mobic. It seemed to help a bit but was back in agony the next day.

The pain started out as a 7 and its definitely a 10 now. I'm unable to even sit on the toilet. Can't even squat over it. I went back to the Urgent Care to see what they vould do for me and they gave me a pain shot and told me to see an Ortho doc. The shot didn't even touch the pain this time. 

I have an appointment with an ortho today but my question is should I also see a chiropractor? I have been trying to do stretches but the pain is too intense to even do that now. I have no idea what could have caused this. The main pain is in my right buttocks but sometimes my lower back and upper leg will hurt. And I will sometimes feel pins and needles on the bottom of my foot. I am hoping the ortho will do a more in depth examination and find out how to get rid of this. The pain is unbearable.



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    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    Sorry for your agonizing pain!  Your Primary Care Physician seems to want to get a diagnosis path started for you.

    In my case,Chiropractic helped me because my injury spectrum was condusive to manipulation.It may sometimes be not so helpfull to some depending on injury and timing of therapy.

    Knowing what is wrong first can determine what path would be most beneficial to your wellness and your Spines health.

    Chiropractic was beneficial to me after my diagnosis-(plural) 

    But that is me. Please hang in there and I am hoping for a swift diagnosis and treatment for you.

    There is a lot of information about sciatica and other low back issues inside Spine-Health and many others who have walked in your shoes can share their experiences soon!

  • I agree with Ron. I would want a lumbar MRI to rule in or rule out radiculopathy being the culprit.

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  • I am unsure if she was a nurse or doctor at the ER, but she did not run any tests. Just touched where it hurt and told me I had Sciatica.

    I went to the Ortho yesterday and they took an xray and saw nothing. I have an MRI scheduled but not til Friday. The doctor said he thinks it's either a bulging or herniated disc.

    Every minute feels like an hour with this pain. I hardly eat and when I sleep I dream about being in pain. I'm not sure how well I'll do with the MRI because lying on my back hurts so bad. This is such a horrible, painful thing.

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    Ok, so, something unexpected happened. I mentioned I had a hemorrhoid and was stopped up for I'm guessing a week. Lying in bed all day and taking pain pills will do that to you. Anyway, so last week on Monday I took 3 laxatives and it all came out on Tuesday. And a lot, a lot of blood. I had to wear adult diapers because I was bleeding so bad. I assumed it was the hemorrhoid because hemorrhoids bleed. But the weird thing was my pain was almost gone after my bowel movement. On Saturday I finally asked my sister to take a look down there (bless her) and her reaction: "oh my gosh! You have two holes in you!" So all the blood was coming from the holes, not the hemorrhoid. My primary care doc thinks I had an abscess in my right buttocks and it burst when I went to the bathroom. So I am going to a GI doc and have it checked out. Doesn't appear to be sciatica or a damaged disc like I was told, thank goodness! My pain level is a 1 now and I'm doing so much better. I'm still unable to sit and I'm still bleeding some, but I think I'm on the road to recovery.

    Thanks to all for the advice and kind words and I'm really glad the doctors were wrong.

    ETA: And I never did get the MRI because my insurance wouldn't approve it.

  • Wow ... what a story. Holy moly. I’m just glad you’re better. 

    Please make sure to follow up with your doctor just to make sure you’re in the clear.

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  • Thanks, L4.

    Went to the GI today and turns out I have an anal fistula. Surgery is on Wednesday, yikes. Never expected this!

  • Good to hear from you and good luck next Wednesday.

    I’ll have to google that condition. Not familiar.  Must be fairly rare.

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