L5/S1 Revision Surgery

Hi All-

I am having a revision L5/S1 surgery in about 6 weeks.  I had my first fusion done about 13 months ago.  Unfortunately, my fusion has failed and I have a screw that is misaligned.  It's been a long recovery and I have been trying to stay positive despite the pain I have been in.  My first surgery experience was tough.  I'm not excited about having to go through this again but I believe this is my only option at this point.   This forum was incredibly helpful during my recovery.  I am  wondering if anyone can offer advice on revision surgeries and personal outcomes.  

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  • Hi Ron-

    Thank you for the information!  I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!  

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    Sorry about the revision surgery but stay positive, even though it's hard, it does help mentally.
    You said your surgery is in about 6 weeks which would be March. Please join March Surgery Buddies if you would like. For now you would be the only one there but others will join to talk about their surgeries and recovery along with advice and support.

    Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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  • Please hang in there.  I have been through this 3 times and by #3 I was dreading it.  I spent some time talking with multiple surgeons and to be honest #3 had the best result.   I am fused from T-12 - S2 except at L3 due to an accident.  I have had rods inserted, taken out, then reinserted.    When I had my fusion, I was told to walk to improve my physical condition which was hard since my right leg dragged, to be a healthy weight, non smoker and to eat a healthy well balanced diet.  Talk to your physician and ask him what you need to do to improve your chances of the fusion taking because each person is different.    I took my #3 surgery as my full time job and I had a great result.

  • Sandra- thank you for your kind words and encouragement to stay positive!  I loved my surgery buddies from my first go around.  I will be sure to join the March group!

    Bellbergmaggie- I appreciate your post and the great advice.  I can't imagine what you have been through with 3 surgeries but I am so happy that you are doing better!  I plan on doing everything I can to ensure that my surgery is a success.  I am hoping that by knowing what to expect this time around, I will be less scared and worried.  I had an awful post op experience in the hospital, a CSF leak and I couldn't walk for 5 days.   I am coming prepared this time for whatever comes my way!

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