L5. s1 fusion on Jan 31

After two failed microdiscechtomies Dec 13, and then again on Dec 18, we proceeded with the fusion.  I’m coming up on a week post op and struggling with fear and paranoia.  I have some nerve pain again in my left sciatic where all the original pain was.  I know there was some small scarring, but I suppose I am just scared that I will do something to jeopardize the healing.  I am self employed and a single mom and the anxiety of worrying about lost work during December and January has been intense.  My clients say they are sympathetic and then push me to work on their projects not even a week after this fusion.  If just appreciate anyone to help encourage me and for some buddy time during this journey.  Normally I am a super positive person.  I have survived cancer 4x and had a lot of rough surgical and medical work done.  I feel like God keeps giving me miraculous circumstances and I am so thankful, but I also need some coaching on how to politely but strongly defend this healing process.  Thank you!  Blessings to all of you on your journeys as well!



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    claireparr- You have been thru a lot in a short period of time. I understand you are in a tough spot as far as your job goes. I hope you feel better very soon.

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    Even though you have had surgery, please join Feb. Surgery Buddies. You will get more support there as well as a lot of buddies to help you out. Click on the link below, go to the last discussion and start your discussion. Hopefully I will see you there.
    As far as your recovery goes, no one can do this but you. And if you let other people disrupt your recovery you are the one that has to pay for it not them. For now, you have to learn to say "no".

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    Take care and hope to see you in Feb. Buddies.

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  • @claireparr I had PLIF surgery back in December and I hear you on the nerve pain. It does get better with time. My story is in December Surgery Buddies, including my setback, but I am healing and you will, too.

    Here's a virtual hug for you when you need it to help ease the pain and stress.

    Feel better soon.

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