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    Hi, I need to tell you this site is WONDERFUL! My doctor actually recommended this site to me years ago. At first, all I could "see" on here was all the bad stories.  I remember for the first year only being on it for 5 minutes before I would start crying,  then I would close it down. I had a 14-level fusion last summer and the information and support on this site helped me tremendously. Don't be afraid to ask ANY question. 

    So here is my opinion on the doctor. YOU NEED TO LIKE AND TRUST your doctor. Go with your gut. I had the same doctor for years, and we talked and talked about how I would know when the time was right for my big surgery. I thought, I should probably get a second opinion, so I did and was immediately turned off by the doctor. So I went with my gut and stayed with the first one. Yes, my hubby went with and we even got him on speaker phone once when he could go with. 

    Here is one question I asked my doctor one time, when we were talking about waiting or doing the surgery sooner. I said " What would you tell me to do if I was your wife?"  When he said "I would tell you to wait", I knew he was the one. 

    My post op thread is here, if you want to read it. 

    14 level fusion - post op

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