Ice packs after ALIF/PLIF surgery

I have had surgeries in the past where I was attached to ice machines and used ice packs afterward..I found it interesting that after my spinal fusion surgery I never really got a lot of post surgery recovery information.  one thing that has been interesting is that there was no mention of using ice packs? is this something that I should be doing/recommend to do? I am 3 weeks post op.



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    I was always advised to use ice packs after surgery. I was told told it will help with inflammation as well as nerve pain. I had to have a tumor removed from my wrist several years ago and they had my hand and arm wrapped with tubes running through it. This was attached to a little cooler with ice water and a fan that kept the water flowing thru the tubes. I wore this for 4 weeks to help with the pain. After my pain pump implant I was also advised to use ice packs.
    But still, maybe you should ask your surgeon.

  • I used ice at first post surgery while in the hospital, then heat for a bit. Once my complication happened (surgical incision opened), I was advised to use ice to keep the swelling down.

    As always, check with your doctor first, because he/she may have reason to choose one over the other to aid in your recovery.

    Hope you start feeling better soon, and take good care.

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  • Thank you for the info

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