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Hi all! I’m brand new here and having surgery on 2/12/19, and scared out of my mind! I’m having my L5-S1 done. I’m 33 years old and have a 13, 10, 5 year old. I’m nervous something is going to go wrong and nervous about leaving my kids, and nervous that it will fail. Anybody have any insight and advise? Thank you all in advance and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site ❤️



  • I had L5-S1 fusion done 3 weeks ago. I was definitely scared and nervous. My surgery was 8.5hrs. I had ALIF snd PLIF surgery. What kept me staying positive and not going to the negative was knowing that this surgery needed to be done. My surgery went well. It is a ling recovery. Having a strong support team set up is important.  

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    hello mdonnelly32!
    welcome to spine health
    all new members should take the system tutorial

    i can understand you being nervous about everything but you need to focus on the positive. have confidence in your surgeon that he will fix this and in yourself to recover well. that part will be left up to you to follow the doctors orders. have you talked to your kids and let them know how much you will need them to help out? 
    you could also focus on getting your home and yourself prepared. pamper yourself and get some rest.
    below is a link to join feb. surgery buddies. there are members there waiting on surgery and/or going through recovery posting about their experiences. a lot of good information and advice including links to help you prepare.

     bookmarkfebruary 2019 surgery buddies 
    take care and hope to see you there.

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  • Hi all, I just joined this amazing site. 

    I’m having L5 s1 micro surgery on the 21st Feb 2019 as well and am worried about recovery. 

    I have been in chronic pain for last 3 years, have had 5 spinal cortisone injections. Done weekly Pilates, hydro therapy, dry needling, physio, osteo etc... u name it I’ve tried it all, it’s financially exhausting & hard with a 4 and 9 year old. And am just worried about all kids needs. I have a bit of support but nowhere near enough for all the kiddie everyday stuff but show will manage. 

    I also have a thoracic problem from t6/7 to t10 which is so pAinful and has been bothering me last 3months. 

    The surgeon said that I will def need sthing done there in near future as there are bone spurs Hitting spinal cord has anyone had surgery for both? 

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    I had a discectomy surgery on L5-S1 4+ years ago, and recovery went well for me.  I had worked myself quite into frenzie over it prior to surgery date.  Very unnecessary!  Be prepared, informed, but understand that worry doesn't change the factors that are beyond your control (like how the surgery will go).  A positive attitude and following doctor instructions are things you are responsible for.  Be thankful your children are old enough to do alot of things on their own already.  Don't guilt yourself over not being 'the perfect mommy' during your recovery period; kids are pretty adaptable to new norms.  And if anyone offers to help in some way, don't dismiss it - take them up on it every time!  As for the thoracic issue, I cannot relate.  But hopefully you will be able to focus on recovery from the immediate surgery before you have to address the other issue.  Wishing you all the best with your surgery and recovery!

  • Thanks for the reply’s! I had my surgery a week ago, was let out of the hospital just 3 days ago, so I’m newly home and easing back into my schedule. The pain gets better and better each day, but my expectations were to be pain free right away and not to have to use a walker and rely on my kids and husband so much. All in all, it’s going quite steady and people have been amazing as far as cleaning my house, running my kids everywhere, making us meals, ect. I have my post-op next week, we shall see what the doctor says then!

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,403
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    I'm glad you are home and doing well. But you are only 10 days post-op, recovery takes time and patience.

    Take care and let us know how you are doing.

  • challengercchallenger Posts: 1,179
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    mdonnelly- There are some very lucky patients that are pain free right after surgery but we are all different. look at it like this, let your husband and kids pamper you for awhile because I am sure you have done it for years for them.


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