Just diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck and Straight neck with muscle spasms.

Hi, I am new here. Trying to find help and understanding. I am 37years old. I worked at my last job for almost 10 years. It required standing a long time, stooping,lifting,bending use repetition. I was diagnosed by my old doctor with Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel. I also have mild scoliosis which they don't make a big deal out of. I got married and wanted to be a mother not knowing what was going on in my body. I have been home with my Daughter for 2 years now. During Christmas break I must have hurt my arm somehow and so it was going on for a month. Then I decided to go see my doctor and she did an X-ray on my neck from my symptoms and she saw I had arthritis and muscle spasms.  I had a lot of pain for a while and for years grinding in my shoulder blades but, my other doctor didn't catch it. I just thought it was fibromyalgia and dealt with but, I have gotten worn out so easy and fatigued.My neck cracks my shoulders grind and my arms crack. Now my whole hands get numb at times. My legs get weak. When I don't overdo it. I do better. Sometimes I still get spasms and burning sensations. Headaches I get from neck on up and pins and needles to burning pain. I was supposed to go back to my old job when she starts school next year or year after. I don't have experience or education for other jobs. It isn't easy getting some jobs now when you don't have these things. My mother in law and husband brought up getting cash assistance and trying for ssdi but, I am concerned because of my age for ssdi. Cash assistance may help me I don't know. I am stuck not knowing what to do. I do have enough credits to get disability as I created an account already on myssi. I appreciate no judgement as I am worried. I also was planning on trying to repeat my drivers test which I failed. I believe I failed because, I couldn't move my neck to look at the blind spot thinking I didn't see a car. My husband was counting on me to drive. His job isn't strong enough to carry us over all the time. Thanks.



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    hello teetazsteeler!
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    fibromyalgia is not something you "just deal with". i was told that over 25 yrs. ago when i was diagnosed. the doctor said "you have fibro, deal with it, and walked out the door". i finally found a rheumatologist that helped me with the right meds and started doing a lot of research. 
    but it sounds like you have a few things going on. if it were me, i would make an appointment with a  rheumatologist to help you with the fibro and arthritis. have you considered having an appointment with a neurologist because you are having numbness, burning and tingling?. they can help to determine what the underlying problem could be.

    no one will judge you on this forum. we are all here to help each other, including you.
    take care and please let us know how you are doing. 

  • I have to get my Doctor to refer me to both neurologist and rheumatologist. Monday I am gonna call my doctor office and tell the nurse my symptoms that are bothering me. I was and got back on medicine for Fibromyalgia and it did help before my new doctor gave me a low dose of it. I am on arthritis med and muscle relaxer too now. I went years ago to a neurologist but, I never went back to my next appointment for personal reasons. I pry need to see one. Thanks.

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