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Hi, My name is Tabatha. I have the SCS (Nuvectra) system implant. I love it!!!! It does exactly what was explained to me. The system reduced a great deal of my chronic pain, (about 65%) That is a fantastic improvement compared to my usual chronic pain! I am certainly impressed. My con to the device, is I ca only use program at a time. I am only able to benefit from one area at a time. I feel vibration even after I have turned the device off, so there is some concern. I would like to know if there is a way to solve that issue, or would I have to receive another implant for more coverage? I really promote this device, but a little concerned about the long term effects. Can anyone offer any experience with this device, Feed back negative or positive is welcomed,



  • Have you talked to your Nuvectra rep. about possibly changing the programming to get more coverage?

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    hello tabatha!
    welcome to spine health
    all new members should take the system tutorial

    i agree with challenger, you should talk to your rep about needing any changes to the system to get more coverage. make some notes of what you feel needs to be done and call your rep.
    good luck and keep us posted.

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