Unbearable Right Leg Pain

Hello I am new to the forum and I have a couple of questions. I had my 7th back surgery on 12/06/2018. It was L4-L5 fusion. My follow visit was on 01/23/19. I have had a tremendous amount of pain that starts in the right buttock and runs down to the top of my right foot. The pain is worse when I go to stand up or sit down but becomes almost intolerable by 6-7pm. It has made walking difficult and some days impossible. The doctor said I had a lot of nerve damage before surgery and that he had a tough time operating because of all the scar tissue. At my follow up visit he said he would get me off the pain medication but now wasn't the time.  I agreed because without it I would be forced to stay in my chair all the time.  Now the last two days it has gotten worse. I can barely lift my right leg when trying to walk and the pain is more intense than ever. My wife called the doctor and his nurse suggested going to the ER. The town I live in the ER is merely a first aid clinic. 

My question is does anyone know what am I experiencing with this type of pain? I am only 48 years old and I am having a hard time with being a prisoner in my home. Its bad when you have a plastic urinal beside your chair because the thought of walking to the bathroom makes you nauseous. 

My second question is should I go 45 miles away to an ER? I don't know what they would do for me. The only advantage I see is it would be in the same city my doctor is located and maybe they would call him for direction. 

Thank you in advance for any advice or answers. I am at my witts end.



  • Before my surgery the doctor prescribed Lyrica. I can't tell that it has benefited me at all. I am still taking the oxycodone as it seems to be the only thing that helps relieve some of the pain. Besides the level of pain, the limited amount of immobility I am experiencing has me worried. After all of my previous surgeries I was moving around with no problems after a couple of weeks. I guess I am at a loss as to what to do next. My doctor did not reschedule a sooner appointment and that is two and a half months away.  I guess I will continue going day to day and hope for improvement.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,411

    Call your doctor and try to schedule an appointment sooner. Also tell him about the pain and immobility. If the Lyraca is not working for you, let him know.

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