Running post ACDF

Hi, I’m new to this forum but have being reading posts re ACDF since I fractured my C6 November 2018. ACDF c6-7. 

I’m interested to hear from any members that returned to running post ACDF and their experience. I have healthy discs above and below the fusion and never had neck problems prior to fusion. Currently I’m 12 wks post surgery, still in MJ brace but no cervical or radicular pain , working (osteopath) and cycling @ 250-300 k /wk (turbo), 40 yrs old.  I was very active prior to the fracture with triathlon (70.3) and would love to return to running but I know there is many mixed feelings on this subject both from patients and surgeons. From what I’ve researched there is a lack of scientific evidence in this area and secondly it’s highly dependent on the individual and wether their surgery was preseaded by significant degenerate disease ( spondylosis) . Looking forward to your comments.





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    i agree with nutcase007, only your surgeon will tell you that information. there be very little, if any, any scientific evidence on this subject. there are too many variables to take into factor. such as age, weight, height, health, health of bones, etc., etc. disregard what other people tell you, listen to your surgeon, he knows what he saw when he did surgery.

    take care and keep us posted.

  • Thanks nutcase007 and memerainbolt for your honest opinion. I did meet with my surgeon today and because I’ve had a fracture I can’t run until 6 months post surgery at least . It depends on how well it is fusing. Like you say it’s very individual and I’m my case the nature of the fracture is what’s most important. No axial compression until fully fused. Best work on my swimming!!

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,820

    That is the best you can do for your body, swim!! But again, ask what kind of swimming. You don't want to try out for the Olympics just yet!! lol.

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