Post Op anterior and posterior lumbar fusion L4-L5, L5-S1

My surgery was 01/30/19 with 1 complication. Once released from the hospital I felt really good for about 4 days. Now I feel 10x worse. Not sure if anyone else has had the same thing happen after surgery but I feel like air is being pumped into my buttocks and then hurts in the legs as well. Anyone else experiencing this??



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    I agree with Ron, anything that is new and severe needs to be reported to your surgeon.

  • Thank you. I did speak to my surgeon and he prescribed steroids which totally relieved the nerve pain. I’m now 4 weeks out and returned to work today! I know I’m still healing so I’m taking it easy. My anterior incision is completely healed with no pain whatsoever. But I still have a significant amount of swelling in my back. And is even more apparent when wearing my back brace. Any suggestions?

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