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Is this a real Cervical X-ray or not?

I fell on 12/06/18 while in Hawaii from 3 stairs up and hit the bottom level. Ended up in emergency for 2 staples on back left of head and CT taken twice a week apart. Everything was fine. They did not take X-rays of my neck at the time nor did the CT go down that far. When I had the X-rays taken at home on 02/01/19 is because my neck hurt and every time I turned my neck my upper shoulder area and neck area would hurt. After the X-rays my G.P. Dr said that everything was fine and there was nothing wrong except the description on the X-rays was the below description medical history. That looks to me like there is a problem and here it is almost two weeks later and I still have the pains that I didn’t have prior to going to Hawaii. I don’t know who to take this to in the Kaiser system to look at it and tell me I’m not crazy! I have seen Head & Neck Dr’s with Kaiser, but I’m not sure if they are the ones to actually look at this this and my prior neck X-rays. To do a comparison. I don’t want to go to my G.P. Dr. because she is basically telling me I’m crazy for thinking I have a problem. Someone please help me! ☺️

02/01:19 X-rays Medical History 

There is an acute fracture. The dens appears intact on the lateral view. There is retrolisthesis at C5-6. No significant loss of disc height. No compression deformity. Multilevel facet degenerative changes. The prevertebral soft tissues appear within normal limits.



  •  Dilaura is right take both reports and both sets of scans and see a orthopedic 

       I dont know that seems a odd way to phase it. ( There is an acute fracture) yet it doesn't go on to describe exactly maybe a typo on the report with fracture..really suppose to be no fracture..but you should be seen by a orthopedic just in case.

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