Bulging neck disc with tingling and pins and needles all,over .

Hi everyone. Been on here before I think. I have pins and needles all over but  mostly in right arm and leg, , pain in right arm . Doc sent me for neck MRI that showed bulging disc in neck, right side.  Physio said she did think the disc was causing arm pain but not the other symptoms. My doctor said according to report of MRI( which by the way she also saw. ) he does think it's causing the problems..  Who do I believe? He is sending me to have other tests to rule out other things. I am worried about the leg tinglings , pins and needles etc. I think i injured my neck some time ago  moving a piece of furniture (years ago) and remember having tingling legs, but my doctor then was useless.. Anyone had Same thing? Leg problems from neck disc? 



  • Thank you for your reply. Yes I agree, the doctor is the one who would know best. I will certainly have further testing to rule out anything else too. 

  • I am going through similar....have done EMGs, MRIs, MRA. there is obviously some mild pinching...when you say "tingling" all over, dp you mean it comes and goes in different areas or is it persistent on certain areas?

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  • I've got to really think about this one. I would have to say that it's more in my legs, but not all of the time. I have had the tingling in the arm side of the bulging disc. Not so bad now, but my arm and shoulder are sore. Doc said that's from disc. Sometimes I feel the tingling all over though. None of it is all of the time except the sore arm. Where are your symptoms? And thank you for the reply. 

  • And meant to add a bit of numbness in the foot on bulging disc side (left) 

  • @Usedtobefit 

    yes, similar to me, but it's weird i feel more on the side that is not so bad(from neck mRI showing some bulging)). i do have bad balance that the doctors dont seem to believe me. it;s not central and it;s not inner ear, so I just keep trying. EMGS were okay, showed minor pinch at C-3/4...anyhow it's hard to explain and even more so to the doctors

    do you keep track on what activates your numbness and tingling? 

    for one thing, I have been told by the neurologist that the disc bulge would not cause extreme pain/numbeness/tingling...only slight discomfort etc., but i don't know what to think. '

    I used to be fit, too...

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  • Very confusing. Just been to my do and he thinks all of my symptoms relate are part of my neck and I also have back issuest too. That neurologist info seems very strange. My doc showed me the report and there is mild encroachment and he said it would definitely cause my arm pain etc. but then he isn't a neurologist so who knows. Seeing one in April sometime . 

  • By the way, numbness and tingling can be when I look down, even just standing up, but always when I lift my hands above my head.doc said that's from impingement on thoracic nerve. 

  • Thank you challenger . (Chip) at this stage my doctor has given me a referral to a neurologist, and can't get in until April. He is ( my doctor) convinced it's all coming from my cervical radiculopathy. It's the physiotherapist, ( not technically a doctor) that doesn't think it would cause the tingling in my legs. This all seemed to start when my ferritin levels dropped after major bowel surgery for diverticulitis. But iron all seems fine now. ) ( on blood tests anyway) .But all symptoms have got worse. I can certainly feel my neck doesn't feel right, and my arm pain is bad on that side., that would explain the symptoms on that  side . That's where the bulging disc is. But the rest leg tingling, pins needles, and now leg pain, seem strange. Could be a lower back problem, I had pain there after surgery, but that has gone now. I really need to at least see the neurologist to get his opinion. Very worrying. 

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