Pain around battery when running

I got my SCS about 4 months ago, and I absolutely love it. I feel like I got my life back. The battery is implanted just below my waist line - I was told there wasn't enough fat/cushion to put it in my lower back.

I am just starting to ease back into being active again, and for the most part I can do anything that I want with little-to-no pain. However, running is giving me trouble. Within a couple minutes, I feel like someone punched me right in my battery implant. It becomes sore, achey, and tender.

Is this normal? Is this just the feeling of the battery moving around? Will it go away as my body creates scar tissue around the battery?

Thank you for sharing your experiences and advice!



  • C-S Welcome to spine health, you will find a wealth of knowledge on this site. I had a spinal stimulator for several years, it seemed to take about 6 months for me to get everything comfortable, that included some of the same symptoms you are talking about, I do think you should talk to your surgeons office and company rep. about this just to be sure. Good luck and keep us posted

  • @C_S my experience as a thin person is that you become less aware of your battery over time. I've had my current unit about 16 months and don't notice it that often, although my battery has moved over time. That being said, sitting in certain chairs or wearing certain pairs of pants can create some tenderness or achy feelings for me. When that happens I try not to sleep on the side where my battery is implanted to minimize pressure or irritation.

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