Have you had any of this happen to you

I had ACDF surgery on C2-6 on 8/17 went back to work 2 months early never had to take any post op drugs then 2 months later I started to have a LIVE WIRE SOUND(24/7)  in my head not my hearing  confirmed by ENT Dr. and nerve pain returned on left side, as of today I am unable to return to work and have had every test the specialists in Charlotte NC can do . It seems to be increased by the side I end up sleeping on ..Just asking if anyone has had this and share what path was taken. By the surgeon that did the ACDF his work went perfectly and all is in place but what I am left with is unbearable.



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    Pinkey- Welcome to spine health, you may want to go to the search box at the upper right of your screen and do some research on your situation.

    You said that the nerve pain has returned, are you taking any nerve specific medication? I am sorry that I cannot be of further assistance but there may be other members come along that have had something similar happen and have good advice. The best advice I can give you is do not give up, keep looking until you find the doctor that knows what is happening and fix it. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress

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    Mine is a bit different...u know how it sounds when u are in a pool and u are under water..kind of like sand moving on the bottom. That's what I hear ....all the time 

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  • And may I ask have you asked what caused it or how to stop it ?  And did this happen after ACDF surgery ? Thanks for your reply

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  • I had onset tinnitus about a year ago... it's a high-pitch sound that is really annoying. I know a couple things factor in - stress and high blood pressure. Drugs can affect your blood pressure, and stress/anxiety makes it worse. Figure out ways to decrease your stress/anxiety that doesn't involve drugs! :-)

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  • Thank you all for your replies to my 3 posts . As I stated in my first post I never took any post surgery drugs and to this day have not taken any as the pain was tolerable as I understand the healing process for my body . Even though all the help that was offered from my Drs were to give me drugs to try to cover up what was happening none of which I ever got filled.I do understand the stress factor but having this issue 24/7 and not sleeping deeply I am sure adds to overall stress Blood pressure is always perfect and health above normal .............again thanks and look forward to hearing if anyone has been able to get rid of this .

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