Pain after acdf



  • Joel,

    I had a small hiatal hernia about five years ago when I was last scoped.  My chest hurts now as my hurnia slides up and down making some good days and some days very bad.  After doing some research I found out many people who have gerd/reflux also suffer with IBS.  My appointment to get scoped is Tuesday and that should tell the whole story.  Believe me having all this going on is just sucking the life out of me.  Anyway I will know part of the picture next week.  I will then schedule a colonoscopy to see what else is going on and why I have lower abdominal pain also. 

    I thought the success rate was better than 50/50.  If you go on the healing well website you can read plenty of first hand accounts from people having the Nissan procedure.  I have talked with a few who have had the surgery and they say their life is much better.  I know my quality of life lately is not very good. 

    Let me say if I can do anything besides have surgery I will do it.  I take Dexilant, a PPI.  I also take bentyl for the cramping.  If you have any ideas or treatment options please let me know. 

    God bless



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