Discomfort after SI joint fusion surgery

I'm not sure if this is normal... I had si joint fusion surgery back in December. It's been about 8 weeks. I've been doing my best (per doctors instructions) to bend with knees, not to lift over 20lbs etc. Within the last couple of weeks, I'm experiencing back problems - muscle related. Some spasms and discomfort when sleeping. before the surgery, I had 'episodes' where my lower back would go (something happens and everything goes into overdrive to recover). It was said that the SI joint fusion was the solution. I'm super nervous that I'll have those episodes and the back spasms scare me. I suspect that I'm using muscles to compensate for different movement during recovery.  Lots of information suggests recovery is weeks. Well, i know that's not my case. My dr says the healing can take up to 6mths. I'm scared that I've done something wrong because of the pain. Hoping this is not uncommon, especially the muscle pain and spasm.



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    as with any surgery, recovery takes time and patience. and some members have experienced muscle spasms but you may need to advise your doctor.
    for more reading , go to the search box at the top right of the page and key in "si joint fusion", scroll down past the adsand you will find several articles as well as older discussions. below is a link to one i found interesting.

    take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

  • LexiR - when does your doctor say you will be able to do physical therapy ?   That was a real turning point for me after my lumbar fusion surgery. Having a PT expert coupled with your surgeon instructions and feeding  questions back and forth between the two gave me more confidence that I hadn’t screwed up my back post surgery.  After 8 weeks I was not yet cleared for PT. It’s definitely important to follow whatever is prescribed but be your own advocate if you feel anything is really wrong contact your doctors 

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  • Hi there everyone,

    I had bilateral SI joint fusion in May 2017. Before surgery I had 4 years of chronic pain and endless amounts of drugs and having every possible conservative approach for pain relief. The chronic pain, bilateral groin burning pain was gone when I stood up the day after surgery, thank goodness. I am now almost 2 years post op and have been experiencing horrendous leg pain, calf pain and left ankle pain. My surgeon wants me to have my facet joint nerve endings burnt off but my understanding is this only works for approximately 12 months. I have noticed now for about 1 month I am back to experiencing constant lower back pain and still leg pain. I would like to speak with anyone who has had bilateral SI joint fusion and if anyone else experiences significant leg pain and increased lower back pain? And if so any information you may offer.

    Thank you in advance :)

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