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Numbness in feet, hands and mouth

About 4 months ago, I started feeling tingling in my left foot. A few days later the tingling moved to my right foot. Within a week or two, it became numbness that moved up to my hands, then to my mouth/lips. I saw a Neurologist who ordered 2 MRIs, one for my lumbar spine and one for my cervical spine and an EMG test for nerve conduction. EMG showed no nerve damage.  Lumbar MRI showed normal aging for my age. I'm 53. Cervical spine MRI showed disc herniation at several levels, with the most severe one at C5-C6. The neurologist referred me to a Neurosurgeon to see if I need surgery. Last week, I met with the Neurosurgeon who said surgery is not needed. He said my disc herniations are not terrible and my numbness is probably not caused by them. So back to square 1. I don't have neck pain (slight stiffness once in a while) but constant numbness in feet, hands and mouth. Neurosurgeon suggested I see a pain management doctor and get an epidural steroid injection. If that relieves the numbness, then problem solved. My Neurologist wants to do a skin biopsy to test for small fiber neuropathy. I'm sharing my story hoping someone had similar symptoms and eventually figured out the problem. Thanks.



  • anything on your eyes/vision?

  • No issues with eyes or vision. All labs came back negative, except for slightly low levels of B12, for which I started taking a supplement. I am going to schedule the ESI and see what happens. Thanks.

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  • Had to join and comment, you mirror my symptoms with the exception of the face. I see an ortho tomorrow. I do have an issue with dry eyes and ringing in the ears. EMG shows issues around my cervical fusions, but think this is differs from that area. The numbness and burning are getting old. 

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