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Pain management probs

Hey guys ! So the PCP that has been treating my pain for 2 years finally had to send me to pain management due to the dea he can no longer do pain management for husband patients . I was nervous anxious excited about going because I thought finally I’d get some answers, treatment plans, some hope. Loved my pcp but it was so hard to get anything done. So I go last Monday and let me tell you it was hell. I get called back I do my pee test and then they get my weight. First let me tell you I am very petite I always have been my whole family is smaller. My dad tall and skinny my mom short and skinny . I’ve never been over 110lbs unless I was pregnant. I have a fast metabolism. This nurse comments on my weight. I brush it off. I’m 5’2 and 102 pounds. We get into the room and she starts asking me questions. What medications I take. This is when I start getting bothered. I tell her adderall. I’ve been on adderall since I was a child. She then says I see two different doses. Yes ma’am my therapist moved me from instant release to xr so instead of taking multiple pills a day I now only take one. She then says oh so you can get skinnier. Ma’am I am a petite person and I was off of it for a few years before because of no insurance and even then I didn’t gain weight nor lose weight that’s just how my body is. Still steady remarks I’m wearing an Alabama bracelet as I am a big Alabama fan that’s where I’m from she starts talking about it saying oh you’re one of those. Didn’t bother me much as I’m used to the trash talk . Then asks what I do where do I work. I tell her I am the assistant manager of a fast food restaurant I’ve been there for 6 years they work with my hours so I can still work due to my kids schedules I felt very judged by my place of work like everyone who doesn’t have a glorious job is trash and that’s how it sounded. The doctor finally comes in and asks me the same questions treats me the same way. I have 4 bulging disks I have cysts on my spine and I have nerve root abnormalities on my thoracic spine. He tells me I don’t need the oxycodone he is giving me a muscle relaxer tanzadine and taking me off of my oxycodone that I’ve been on for 2 years says that I have nothing wrong well if it’s not all I just mentioned then something is wrong because within 2 hours of being at work I’m in agony. I can’t stand or walk without being in excruciating pain after being on my feet for a certain amount of time. Sitting down helps with some relief but even sitting for long periods of time absolutely kills me . My lower back constantly hurts and the worse it gets it moves into my mid and upper back into the top of my butt. It is agonizing radiating aching deep. My husband my kids my coworkers even my customers can see what pain I’m in all the time but a doctor that specializes in this doesn’t see it? Won’t even listen? I left in tears. I can’t even do half the things I need to do in My house or go out with my family and have fun without being in so much pain. The Percocet and ibuprofen I rotate and still doesn’t take my pain away but helps me get through the day until I’m home and I’m winging it . Doing what I can and thank god my husband understands. I’ve come close to quitting the job I’ve been at for 6 years because I can’t handle the pain . I have written out something similar to what I am writing here and I have an appt with a spine surgeon on the 26th and I am going to read it to him along with a timeline of pain because I forget some things when I am at the doctor that I remember once I leave . I need these doctors to listen to me wnd take me seriously this surgeon is my last hope . I can’t believe he shut me down and took me off of my pain meds and haven me muscle relaxers? It’s not muscle pain! All they do is make me groggy and emotional . I can’t even take them unless I am going to bed because I have to function wnd work and take care of my family . 



  • challengercchallenger Posts: 1,208
    edited 07/15/2019 - 11:32 AM

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


  • Hi ! Yes thankfully my pcp gave me a referral for the spine surgeon before the pain management the pain management just got me in a little faster. I Am so nervous about even going to the surgeon because of My experience with the pain man. Doctor last week but hopefully me writing everything kind of as I posted with a timeline he will listen to me . I will update when I go to the surgeon. 

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  • My heart breaks reading your experience.

    I agree to find a new pain management doctor. Maybe he should change his title to “muscle management.” Just kidding but unfortunately thousands of us are in the same boat.

    I got hurt on the job and my worker’s comp. doctor prescribes an opioid, nerve pain killer and muscle relaxer every month.

    The only doctors in my area that still prescribe opioids are worker’s comp. 

    I think this is because if you’re an employer you would rather have your employee be able to function and work on a daily rational opioid dosage versus under-medicating your patients on muscle relaxers and NSAID’s and then the worker has to miss work due to being under-medicated and not having their pain adequately managed.

    I can see why some doctors would be against this because someone on opioids could be considered a higher occupational risk than a worker not on prescription medications.

    It really just depends on your state. Some states are cracking down harder on opioids than others.

    Good luck at your future appmt and please keep us posted.

  • unicornfarts123uunicornfarts123 Posts: 22
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    YEs you are right . I live in Georgia right beside Tennessee and the pain management doctor is in Georgia. The spine surgeon however is in Chattanooga tn which is ten minutes away from me. Georgia’s laws are going crazy. My insurance doesn’t even cover My pain meds I’ve had to pay out of pocket for them every month . The doctor even said “you’re still going to experience severe withdrawal” when I asked what I am supposed to do after being on them for 2 years. Well ok then I can see you don’t give a [edit] so I didn’t say another word. Left my clipboard and everything in the room didn’t stop back by the front desk just straight out to my car. How can someone Be so cold? I just turned 30 and I literally feel like I’m 90 every day. That’s not normal. I normally look at the glass half full and I try to see the good in everyone and try to find a reason behind everyone’s actions but he was just doctor [edit[ head. A very young id say no older than 33 very arrogant piece of doodoo. I wasn’t even on a high dosage literally just enough to get me through the day . 

  • Unfortunately being young or looking young can influence a doctor’s decision on pain meds. 

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It’s horrible.

    I think once you find a different pain doctor things will get better.

    This is at least my hope and wish for you.

    Be well and please keep in touch.

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  • Hey y’all I went to the spine surgeon today he is 99 percent sure I have arthritis and that it is what is causing most of my pain . I got an injection today and idk if it’s sore from the needle or what but it’s killing me to even sit back in my seat while driving or walking etc. I am in a lot of pain . Scheduled a new mri for next week and I will follow up afterwards and then beginning of April I will go back and of injections aren’t helping he talked about doing a nerve ablation? Has anyone heard of this or had it somebody basically burning my nerve ending or something completely scared me to death . He put me on meloxicam which I’ve been on before and a round of steroids .didnt put me back on my pain meds so I pray I get some type of relief soon or I’ll scream 

  • I know a firefighter who was injured in a car accident and radio frequency ablation helped him immensely,

    He has 90% of his life back now. Before this he struggled to walk. 

  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 371

    unicorn, I had the nerve ablation and unfortunately it did not help me but might be perfect for you. Worth a shot right!

  • Yes he needed the ablation done three times at three different appmts before it helped. Thankfully his doctor didn’t give up after two tries.

  • I am going to give it a try but I’m scared to death hate needles ! Hoping it works! How was recovery from it ? I work 6 days a week at a job where I am constantly on my feet. How long will I need to take off of work would u say and how much pain will I Be in following the procedure 

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