Cervical Disc Replacement

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Hope everyone is well. Just looking for some experiences (I understand everyone is different). Due to undergo C6/7 disc replacement in a few weeks for serve stenosis with nerve impingement - unsuccessful epidural injections.

What recovery can I expect? And how long am I realistically looking to take off work? Currently work as a Nurse and spend most of the day driving in the job. There seems to be a disparity in answers on the internet - am I right at looking around the 12 week mark? 

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  • I had ADR at C6/7 a year ago. I recovered fast. I was back at work in 2.5 weeks (desk job). Three months should be plenty of time for a more physical job. I was back in the gym by then. Good luck!

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    If you would like, you can also join Feb. Surgery Buddies, members have conversations regarding their surgeries as well as recovery. There is a lot of support and information. Below is the link.

    February 2019 Surgery Buddies

    We hope to see you there.

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