back to back cervical injections

Had an MRI back in August 2018 for my neck and showed stenosis, whereas the C-4 level according to the MRI was obliterated!   In other words the spinal area is being choked off right at that level.  Had an injections at the C-7 T-1 level on the 22 Jan then  ago at 13 Feb at the C-56 level.  They want to do another round next week at the C-3-4  level but I am considering canceling it.  My symptoms have been bicep, tricep,  radiating pain down the left arm to the index and thumb.  That's been alleviated but I still have neck pain in the back of the neck.  I am a retired veteran who does a few hours of school bus driving for the last 3 months and just switched to a much much smaller bus that's a lot more comfortable.  That may be a  source of stress to the back of the neck.  I am trying to make it to May till the end of school.  I started therapy Monday for 3 days a week and did it back June through August and did me very very well for my ROM and elimination of the bicep. tricep, and radiating pain.   I just don't know if another round will do anything much more because the neck pain is still there after the first two rounds back to back?  Had 2 opinions and they both recommend surgery somewhere along the line in the very near future.  



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    With injections, you never know. They are used as a quick source to get inflammation down from the spinal nerves. My experience was that they were usually given in a series of 3. Talk to your doctor and see what he says about another round.

    I'm sorry to hear about the surgery, please keep us posted.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,386

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