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I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon following an MRI showing moderate to severe foramen narrowing L5 S1 and bulgding disc. I've had what seems to be myelopathy in sides of my feet, heel and toes, as well as in my hands and upper chest area, cervical perhaps? Shooting pain that disables me from wanting to even move seems to originate in my low back/tailbone. I've had 3 csections in my younger years and other medical issues that tell me my pain threshold is high as I did not use prescribedmeds for pain. This back issue tho has been slow degeneration over years, hx mva when I was a teen. Well, the surgeon said the mri report was wrong and that there is no moderate to severe issue and mild at best. She also said that pain moves down and not up when i described the horrendous shooting pain up my lower spine...I'm so discouraged. I dont want to come across as attention seeking but was hoping for an answer and strategies to make the pain stop. Has anyone else been told that their MRI was wrong??? Any suggestions?




  • Maybe the issue is your hip? Do you have any hip problems?

    I don’t think you were told that your MRI is wrong but rather that the surgeon didn’t agree with the radiologist as to how severe the issue is. 

    That’s been my experience too. I was told by a neurosurgeon that radiologists use big words to scare people.

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    Do not be surprised if they want more diagnostic testing done to help figure out what is going on. The main thing is do not give up, there is somebody out there that will figure it out, sometimes you just have to look a little harder. Good luck and keep us posted.


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  • Thank you for your thoughts on this! I appreciate the candor and suggestions to get a second opinion and keep it to the facts. With that saying, it isn't easy to park my feelings in the garage after such long waits to be seen yet reason suggests I will want to make the moment count when I finally get there  :) 

    Thanks again, I am grateful for your support and suggestions

  • I agree with DavidG I have been to several doctors for opinions and I'm still in search of the right doctor. This way you can get educated on your condition. 

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