I had a VERY successful trial, but the permanent unit is not working for my leg pain at all. I feel as though I wasted a whole year. I have had many lower back surgeries ranging from laminectomies to fusions. I can now only walk about 20 feet at a time due to severe nerve pain? I can't get a good MRI now that the stimulator is implanted. My pain is almost a 0 (zero) when I sit or lie down. It's a 10 very quickly when I stand or walk. living life in 20 foot increments is no life at all. I see the doctor next week. Probably going to have the stimulator removed in order to get proper tests and diagnosis. I have a few questions: 

Has ANYONE have or had this same problem? I know it's not a circulation problem is the only sure thing.

Has anyone had a successful stimulator trial, and then the permanent implanted and not help at all?



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    Have you talked to a company rep. to see if there are other programs that offer better coverage? I had a stimulator for several years and had to work with the rep. quite a bit before it really helped. There are also other test that you can have that the stimulator will not interfere with, such as a myelogram, after my fusion surgeries, lumbar and cervical that is the only test my doctor's usually offer. Good luck and keep us posted.


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    I had a SCS implanted after a successful trial. But within days I knew it was not going to work. I was in more pain than before I had the implant. Within a few months I had it removed including the leads.
    Everyone is different as you can see. It worked out great for Chip but not for me.
    Good luck with your doctor and let us know what happens.

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