Lost Neck Curve & c4-c5 Disc Herniation & Severe TMJ

Hi guys... 

I am new to this. I just researched some stuff and these forums showed up and I liked how people responded and i relate to some peoples issues so i'm hoping i can have a variety of responses as I am extremely lost as to what my major issue is!!

OK.. where to start? I am almost 29 and have suffered with TMJ since I was like 15? But that's not fully pertinent here. I got whiplash with my son at the park 1.5 years ago and couldn't get my neck back to normal. I went to physio, chiro (terrified of actual adjustments though so they used the activator) and some massage here and there. I also found laser therapy helpful along with the activator from my chiro. Then about 5 months later I got a severe concussion when I fell off of a hammock and the next day my jaw seemed to deviate to the left. I couldnt chew and about a week or so later my jaw would  barely open.

I had an MRI of my jaw and ive had inflammation in my jaw since I can remember so they did one arthroscopic and then disc replacement surgery just 3 weeks ago. (I had to wait about 10 months before they actually went through with these surgeries) I hadnt been able to eat actual food since i hit my head, but 3 weeks out of surgery and I still cant chew, even after the first arthroscopic surgery - my jaw seems to still deviate to the left and always moves when i try to eat. My bite is completely off - and has been since i hit my head but i thought it would get better with surgery. I was told before by a NUCCA chiro that my atlas was sublux but when he said he saw an improvement after a few nucca treatments, i didnt really feel much better so i wasnt sure if that was the issue.

Fast track to today, and MRIs show that I have a herniated disc in my c4c5, and also Chiari Malformation - they dont seem concerned about chiari though because they think ive had it since birth because ive had MRIs years ago and it showed i had Chiari then so they dont believe my symptonms come from that...

However I have suffered with alot of upper back and neck pain, and recently im losing alot of strength in my arm and i seem to have a nerve or somethign that goes down because i can't open things or use force in my face or jaw because i get shooting pain down my neck as well. I have burning shoulder pain and burning pain behind my ear that i always thought was my jaw but my jaw issue didnt seem to resolve with surgery and im wondering if it could be my neck? I dont know how possible that is.... but I wasnt able to smile well on that side after i hit my head also, but i seem to be a bit better after surgery. Could i have lost muscle tone? Could my herniated disc or subluxes cause my bite to be totally misaligned? It didnt seem to resolve with NUCCA but I am just lost. I am on now just mush foods and liquids. I havent eaten foods for a year while i try to resolve all of this. I am at a loss and i am ready to be better.

I was told by one chiro that 10-12 laser sessions along with using a denneroll to fix the reverse curve in my neck, theherniated disc should go back into place and the laser should help regenerate the disc issue. I was told that after whiplash i had lost the curve in my neck and it was pretty straight. My neck is so stuff i could barely turn my head.

I am also about to be seen by a different spine specialist this friday to kind of get his jyst of things and a plan to recover. But I am really wondering if my tmj symptoms are actually TMJ issues or if they stem from my neck at all. I am at a loss....

Help anyone? I am 29 and have a 4.5 year old son. I have been off work for almost a year and really need to figure out away to fix this. Has anyone had luck with a denneroll? I was told i wont get better if i am not diligent with it once per day for 3 mins. 

i need experience and advice for reverse curve, herniated discs and any atlas issues. HELP!!!!



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