I wake up at night with a bad pain in my ankle bones.

I wake up at four or five times at night with  a bad pain in both my ankle bones, I had a Laminectomy at C5 and c6 4 years ago, does anybody have this problem?



  • Hi arthurflynn1947
    You haven't been on here for some time right? How did the surgery go did you get good results? Hope so it is always nice to hear when surgery is a success or improvement.
    I have never had that surgery so not sure if that can be something related. But one thing have you talked to a doctor about it? That would be the first thing I would do. Also how about when you are sleeping or sitting do you put your feet on anything that adds pressure? I bought a pair of shoes one time that resulted in pain in that area. Just a suggestion if you have changed anything that could also cause this problem. 
    Hope you get to the bottom of it and let us know how you are doing. 
    Take care Sherri

  • Challenger your wrong..

       The cervical is home base for ALL spinal nerve coming down and spreading throughout the body. A problem in the cervical spine can cause issue all the way down to the bottom of your feet.

      Authur I would suggest it's time for some new scans. Starting at your cervical to see if any issue are occurring. Since you've had prior surgery there it could be a sign something is again happen

      I wish you the best and hope you can find relief asap


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  • nutcase007

    Reread my post, I did not say it was impossible, I said generally speaking, that's a big difference.


  • Thanks for all the advice and good wishes, I have tried sleeping with my feet on the floor, this gives some relief. I will see my Doctor. I had surgery in 2015, a Laminectomy, which was successful, I've had a long road getting back on my feet and mobilising, but I've gone from using a walking device through using a walking stick and now walk without any walking aid. Regards to All, Arthur

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