L4/L5 micro D next week!!

hello all-

Long time reader, but first time posting. I am a 25 year old fairly healthy female with the exception of chronic back issues for about 2.5,years. I had a lami L4-L5 in Nov 2017 after a year of conservative treatment for buldging disk, and moderate right lateral recess stenosis. I had a very hard recovery after the first surgery but unfortunately re-herniated in April 2018 and failed conservative treatment and will be having a fairly urgent Micro d at the same level on Thursday 3/7 due to significant loss of motor strength in my right leg Over the past week or so. I am very nervous about this surgery as my surgeon (seeing a different surgeon than who did my previous surgery) told me it’s a similar recovery, but trying to remain optimistic that this will finally leave me relatively (or completely) pain free. Hoping to find a buddy who is having a micro D this month as well or to hear experiences/tips from anyone else who has had similar surgeries! 

Thanks y’all and hope everyone is having a nice, Pain free weekend,




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    Sorry to hear you are needing another surgery especially at such a young age, hopefully this recovery will be easier than the last. You can go to the right side of the page and join surgery buddies for March, there you will find other members having surgery in March also.I hope everything goes well with your surgery, keep us posted.Chip
  • Thanks, Chip! Hoping this one will be the golden ticket :-) 

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  • Stay positive, that helps greatly with recovery.

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