sciatica for the last 18months...

hi all, currently 32yrs. been suffering with sciatica for the past 18months. its been worse as time goes by, I cant remember how many times I've been to my doctors who have fobbed me off with a different medication to try. I'm currently on 60mg of morphine, 3000mg of gabapentin and 300-1200mg tramadol every day.... I've asked for be referred for pain management but no success yet!! I'm set to have surgery on removal of l4-l5. the bulge within my disc has added pressure onto my sciatic nerve causing me so so much pain. throughout the pain I've managed not to have anytime off work, purely  due to them not paying themselves... my dream would be to become pain free if at al possible, I was once an active person but now doing as little as possible due to the pain becoming too much to handle. work don't understand as its not like a broken leg which can be seen, I'm going to be off work for up to 6weeks. fingers crossed to a new me.



  • I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling so much.

    Are you sure you take up to 1200mg of Tramadol a day? That sounds like an error.

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    gabapentin is for nerve pain but, like l4_l5 asked, 1200 mg of tramadol? when is your surgery date?
    hopefully the surgeon will be able to fix the problem and ease your pain/

    take care and please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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