Hey February surgery buddies!

I have been wondering where everybody went!  Within the February surgery buddies string, there are only three of us posting updates and “talking”.  I see now some have been posting separately, so I have a lot of reading to do to catch up on everyone. My fusion was 2/14.

So, I am just about 2.5 weeks post lumbar revision/extension fusion. The first week I was simply happy to have survived the 7 hr surgery, to be honest. I came home after 4 nights in hospital.  The second week at home was pretty awful, as much for my husband as for me. It was February vacation so all three school-age kids were home to witness.  In hindsight, I wish I had gone to a rehab facility again.  Alas, it is over now! 

This third week has been so much better, I have even felt hopeful!  My complaints and worries are becoming minor. For instance, I feel faint at times, my hip hurts when I lay on my side, and sometimes my sciatica seems to be back. I wonder about getting sutures out at my f/up appt w surgeon Tuesday. 

I am already starting to wean off pain meds (tramadol), and looking forward to doing same with neurontin and muscle relaxer. My friend helped me (a lot) to take my dog to the vet a few days ago. I was tired after, but it felt great to be out. Even booked our April vaca. trip to florida (with trip insurance).

Compared to my last lumbar fusion a few years ago, my recovery is progressing more quickly. My physical therapist and surgeon have been very pleased. I only use the cane in the house on the stairs, which I am back to walking like an adult, alternating steps. As soon as the snow melts next week, we are going outside for PT, with the cane just for security. 

I know well that full recovery takes a year, so I am not getting ahead of myself. But given I -never- made that full recovery after my first single level fusion for grade 1 spondylolisthesis 3.5 years ago, and that I feel better now in many respects than I have in at least a year—- I’m going to say I have faith my new surgeon did something right this time. 

I hope others are able to find things to smile about and look forward to, too, in between the waiting for time to pass and suffering that is the beginning of this road. 



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    You are not in February Surgery Buddies. Everyone i still there, use the link below.

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