Internal shaking /tremors

okay I need help! I’ve been to all kinds of doctors seeking out answers. I have a bulging disc at c5 and c6 along with some arthritis . I have had internal tremors for 2 years and a stiff achy neck . At first I had no clue if this was related to the internal tremors that Ive had 24 hours a day for 2 straight years and I’m still not sure but when I went to get my hair done and the hairdresser tilted me back over the shampoo bowl and I raised back up then my arms were outwardly tremoring. I’ve thought most of this time that these tremors are from my neck but every doctor I’ve seen said tremors do not come from the neck but from the brain. I’m now also experiencing buzzing sensations in my feet and what I call short vibrations or buzzing in different parts of my legs at random times.Has anyone else experienced any of this? 



  • have you done MRAs and MRIs? everyone seems to understand "tremors" differently, but worth detailing it to the doctor as to what exactly you feel,....i have contradicted my doctors since they believe pins and needles is different than buzzing and numbness--(just an example)

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    we could really use some more information about what kind of doctors, and diagnosis you have received. has surgery been recommended for your bulging disc?chip
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  • I have had mri’s and  all kinds of tests. I just saw a neurologist and he also says this isn’t  caused from the neck.  No exact diagnosis but  he said I do have tremors. 

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