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Vertigo? Or what??

Hi everyone,to cut to the chase,I noticed this morning when I woke up and opened my eyes,I felt like I was spinnig and it lasted a few seconds,and my vision got stable.As soon as I slipped out of bed,I got the same exact dizzy feeling as I sat up,which lasted a few seconds as well.I went to the bathroom,and came back to bed,and lay down for a little while longer,just to test out if I got dizzy again.I slipped out of bed again,and I got the same feeling of the room spinning/dizziness again,for a few seconds.I got up and walked a little,and noticed my balance was off a bit,but regained it within a few seconds.I’m currently taking iboprophen about 3 times daily for my low back pain.I was also taking 50mg lyrica,but stopped last week.

Also my right ear has been ringing for a few months now,and it feels like it has wax build up,and sometimes my hearing  is muffled.I also get neck pain when I lie down.Which I massaged and stretched yesterday before sleeping.

Anyone know what could be causing this? Is it vertigo??

I took my blood pressure and it was at 108.

Any opinions?



  • I have chronic inbalance and "vertigo" and have not to the bottom of it. I am seeing my spine doc again and maybe he does think it is neck related.  I had Angios, MRIs, EMGs and all sort of normal...i do some minor  c-4 and c4-5 degeneration....neck spasms reccurrently...saw  two ENT doctors and dont think it's related to the inner ear (or neurological since I passed all of their tests)but who knows! also light sensitivity for a long time now. have you had any studies done?

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