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Hi, I’ve been reading many of the threads here for a few weeks now preparing for and immediately after my ACDF surgery at c5&6. I’ve found the information so helpful. I’m a 40 year old female and had my operation 2 weeks ago and seem to be recovering well, perhaps a little too well as I’m not resting as much as I should do. I’ve not been given a collar to wear and my surgeon said I could go back driving after two weeks which is tomorrow.

I had the surgery done as my husband and I are hoping to start IVF shortly and my GP recommended the surgery beforehand. I’m wondering if anybody could let me know how soon after surgery we can go back to having sex? I’ve seen a variety of answers which range from 2 to 6 weeks. So I’m just wondering if anybody can give me any advice in this regard. 

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    I think that question should be answered by your surgeon and your surgeon only

  • Hello! I had my surgery C4-C7 on January 27. I woke up feeling way better than I expected. No pain besides in my throat which only lasted 5 days. My husband and I had sex 1 week out. I also was doing laundry, dishes and cooking 1 week out. I woke up from surgery and was breast pumping hahaha. Breastfed as soon as I got home which was the next day. My surgery went extremely well, I am 32 yo and was actively in the gym before getting inured. I am just about a month out and feel amazing. I do however have some burning a little between my shoulder and still stiffness in my neck which is expected. I only where my hard brace while sleeping and driving. I did not take any pain or muscle relaxers just otc Tylenol bc I am breastfeeding. I think you should have sex when you feel ok enough to do it. I didn’t not lay flat when we did it. I am also still sleeping in a recliner bc lying flat still hurts and is uncomfortable. I started doing very light cardio in the gym yesterday but no lifting. Hope this helps and good luck! 

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