How did We get Here?



  • Miss Darla,  I also am amazed at the difference in my pain location and level from day to day.  Like you, I look back on my past thinking how crazy I was to keep doing things which just destroyed my spine.  Lifting things to heavy, working way to many hours, working in freezing conditions or sweltering heat. 

    Of course its too late after the damage is done.  When I see people doing the same thing I think wow, are they going to be sorry in a few years.  I remember one man I was working with was strong as a horse.  He would lift or pull things much to heavy for him to handle.  I told him to wait and I would help or get help from another person.  He looked at me and said  "If you are going to be dumb, you had better be tough".  It did finally sink in what he meant. 

    Miss Darla why are they waiting so long to have your surgery?  Is the surgeon so booked up?  I hope he or she is great!!!  I know many people here personally who have had back surgeries and I hope they pop by and give you some advice soon. 

    Have faith my dear one


  • Thank you, sweet dmo! Actually I saw the NS Friday (I do think he is great) and he booked the surgery for 3 weeks out just to allow for authorization. I spent months working my way towards the visit with him and a diagnosis. I am sure we all know how that goes...lots of things hurt but when they get to the next level of hurt and you know you need to 'see somebody' you have to figure out who to see. Figure out what is wrong with you so you go to the right person. My NS does not see people until they are at the point of needing neurosurgery consult. I knew I needed an MRI because going through months of therapy etc. might be a waste of painful time. To wrap this story up it took me months to get the MRI and confirm what I thought...bone pushing on nerves and not enough room for the nerves.

    I am sure we all go through KNOW when something is wrong. We are not naive and know our complicated situations and bodies. But you still have to go through the steps which are a lot of time and cost.

    Good luck with your test Tuesday!

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  • I am so very lucky in that I have a support group to help me whenever I just cant go on.  Besides having a wonderful wife I have a wonderful group of loving caring people in my Church group.  They will call and ask me how I am doing and offer to fix food and bring it over.  This is not an empty offer as they have brought dinner over on various nights just to be kind.  These people are my friends and I love them dearly.  It is my privilege to have them as my friends. 

    I must say everyone here also is exceedingly gracious and I appreciate the support I receive here.  I get many complements on the topics I choose to discuss but honestly the regulars are the real shinning stars here on SH.  It is so comforting to be able to talk with others who know what chronic pain is all about and how to deal with all the stress also. 

    Thank you so much to one and all.  My faith and all of you sustain me in my times of trouble

    God bless


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    Hi All,

    Just an update on my stomach EGD.  I was there almost three hours in which I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.  They took some tissue for biopsy and gave me something for stomach inflammation.  It appears I might have some Barretts esophagus going on also  I have a follow up appointment set for four weeks.  The dr had to leave before talking with me as he had an emergency at the hospital.  I live in a small town that only has one GI dr now.  We need another one desperately. 

    I am sad though because I was not feeling bad at all before I went in but now my stomach is really hurting.  My pain meds dont help my stomach.  Well there you have it the wheels of medicine turn so slowly. 

    God bless


  • Dave, I pretty much knew I had a hernia but did not realize I had a stricture also.  He did some stretching to help passageways and something for inflammation.  I did not get to talk with the dr as he had an emergency. 

    I guess in a month we get to talk about surgery as nothing was discussed today about how to make it stop hurting so much.  The dr had a lot of questions for me as I was getting ready to be put under but I received no answers which is just making a slow process even slower.  Two weeks before the biopsies come back so its a wait and see game.  If its Barretts esophagus then what?  I know so little about GI issues as my specialty is spine issues.  lol. 

    I don't expect to be pain free anymore.  Those days are long gone I am afraid.  What I would like to do is be able to function at a reasonable level.  I am working toward that now.  I just cant believe how slow things are and how long it takes to get answers. 

    "In your patience possess ye your souls"  I need to work on that one. 

    God bless


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  • dmo, I know that must be so frustrating.  So often we are not looking for pain free days but still asking for some answers. Hopefully this situation is treatable. I am assuming you are making an appt with the Dr to discuss? A face to face is the only way in my opinion.

  •    For me ...why me..isn't in my vocabulary...Because if I allowed it in it would of started way before my spinal issue..I never compare myself to other ....I dont think about what I no longer can do I celebrate each new day for what it is...additude is so isn't a script so no one knows for sure what theirs will be...why waste energy thinking about all the negatives and longing for something your never one know in a day a week or a year what will happen. Lifes short... sitting dwelling on what you thought it might of had or been is a waste....

  • Hi Miss Boo,

    I read your comment with interest.  I know you are a strong individual.  I wish I had some of your strength for the times of trouble which follow me. 

    The title of this message is "How did we get here?"   Truthfully I am not looking for answers as this is put forth as a rhetorical question.  As more and more people commented the message has evolved into much more than I intended.  It has broken down into specific instances in our lives culminating in pain and suffering. 

    Honestly I can offer only my compassion and sincerest wishes for the wellbeing of all on the SH website.  I pray for us all daily as this comforts me and I hope others take comfort in my doing this also.

    I know you have been through much turmoil, pain, suffering and a heartbreaking loss in your life.  I also one day know you will receive back to yourself that which you has lost.

    God bless


  • Hi boo...I agree and try so hard not to give in to really looking too deep. I try and keep things light even in my own thinking. If I did not do this I would start melting down. One thing at a time. I try and stay positive but it is not easy.

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    Love and prayers for you my friend.

    In spite of everything,  you are a remarkable,  kind, caring, thoughtful and supportive friend to many.

    Not only that, you are much stronger than you believe. 

    I truly appreciate your prayers dear friend.

    God bless you. 

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