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How did We get Here?



  • Hi boo...I agree and try so hard not to give in to really looking too deep. I try and keep things light even in my own thinking. If I did not do this I would start melting down. One thing at a time. I try and stay positive but it is not easy.

  • @dmo

    Love and prayers for you my friend.

    In spite of everything,  you are a remarkable,  kind, caring, thoughtful and supportive friend to many.

    Not only that, you are much stronger than you believe. 

    I truly appreciate your prayers dear friend.

    God bless you. 

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  • Angie,

    It is because of people such as yourself that I am able to make it through another day.  I appreciate all the prayers and warm thoughts I receive everyday.  This is such a special group of people.  I would like to say also the moderators are so kind and caring. 

    Lately I have had many wonderful people message me and check just to see how I am doing.  In a world of darkness and despair this is truly a beacon of light and love for us all.


  • Although you wrote this beautiful piece back in March, I'm only reading it now (somewhat new to the group).  Thank you for reaching out and offering hope and prayers.  I can't stand this pain.  I want the doctors to FIX it.  I'm following all the proper instructions, and still I wake up in pain.  Sometimes I'm ok, most times I just stop and cry.  It can feel like such a loney journey.  It feels like everyone around me is doing just fine and I'm supposed to be "fine" around them.   Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts and for sending out prayers.  I'm so grateful for this forum and good people like you.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,482


    dmo is such a wonderful person!!
    This is a lonely journey but you are not alone here. Join us more often, rant and cry, we've all done it. That's what this forum is for, support and helping each other.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical Story  
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  • dmoddmo Posts: 612
    edited 06/10/2019 - 7:54 PM

    Hi MJCG,

    Mary,  Your comment struck a familiar chord deep within me when I read your past messages.  I also absolutely dread going to bed at night.  The reason being I know without a doubt I will awaken a few hours later in pain.  When a person fears sleep they become a hostage in the world they live in. 

    I consider myself most fortunate that in this climate of anti opiate prescribing I am blessed my dr has the compassion to offer these kinds of meds to make my days easier to live through.  I am a believer in the multiple therapy approach to pain control.  That being said having an opiate pain med to help reduce my pain is necessary in my life right now.  I will acknowledge there are others here who are able to fight the good fight everyday without opiates, I am just not one of them.  It would seem your meds and the therapies you have tried have had a limited positive impact on your pain thus far. 

    Mary this is just my opinion but as such its another option you might want to consider.  It is my privilege to pray for you and your return to good health

    God bless you and best wishes also. 


  • DMO - God bless you as well!  I am definitely leaving all medical options open.  Thanks for being here and sharing your experience and wisdom with me!

  • I'll tell you my story of how I got here. I have nothing to lose and maybe someone will learn from it. I embarrassingly injured (and ruined my life) a couple months after turning 28. I'm 29 now. But for 2 or 3 years prior to turning 28, I would wear boots with 3 inch insoles. I did this because I was ashamed of my height as a short man and got tired of being judged as inadequate compared to others. Well turns it was the worst decision I could have made for my health. As I woke up with horrendous stabbing pain in my lower back. Embarrassed that my back pain was an overuse of some lower muscles. I didn't see a doctor immediately. By the time I did most doctors I saw said it was muscle strain. The one orthopedic surgeon assistant that did give me an MRI revealed a l5s1 central disc protrusion. I don't know whether to be grateful or mad as he did not refer me to surgery. I deal with lower back pain everyday. My new primary even advised me that my protrusion wasn't the cause of my back pain and sent me to a chiropractor and all but dismissed me. I wonder if I'm going to overdose on Advil as I have been taking it daily in small doses. But how much can the body take? I am honestly envious of those with you with "good" doctors that actually want to help you or at the very least listen to you. Anyway. That's my story. I could've had the "normal life" if I just accepted myself. God bless. Take care

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