Discomfort with sinuses and blocked nose feeling

Is it possible that due to very tight neck/shoulder muscles as a result of neck surgery over a number of years (C5C6C7) that this in turn can affect the sinus areas along with pressure over eyes and a sense of nasal area being blocked

Thank you



  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259

    Papi, I'm fused those 3 levels and one more and I've not experience the symptoms you describe. However, I have a deviated septum, sleep apnea, and a polyp in my sinuses that do trigger the symptoms you describe. I've not heard of cervical fusions causing such issues but I imagine anything is possible. What does you surgeon and ENT doctor say?

  • thank you so much for your very helpful comments, I think that it is the very tight neck, trapezius muscles that are causing pressure in the areas described, could this be the cause, as in the past the ENT doctors have said that everything was OK.

    Thanks once again

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  • the symptoms come and go, this what makes me think that it something to do with my neck muscles being very tight, at the same time I get headaches. I have a bit over the last couple of days of nasal drainage down the back of my throat. I have tried some nasal sprays that I had once before. The fusions give me no problem. I attend physio twice a week for a massage on my neck and shoulders and I also have a tens machine which stimulate the muscles and increase blood flow. My jaw muscles are also very sore most of the time, I have checked with my dentist and everything is how it should be.

    Difficult to find a long lasting remedy for my neck, except what I am already doing, all the neck muscles are just like concrete.Thanks for your continued support

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