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 I had the stimulator surgery implant about three weeks ago. When coming to after surgery the medtronics rep turned it on to see if I felt anything. That’s the only time it’s on until my site heals. The thing is I felt it in my left leg rather the right leg like I did when I was doing my trial. My right leg is the one that is giving me problems and the surgeon that did the trial put it exactly where I felt relief. The surgeon that did permant is different but they have one to do trials and one to do permenants. 

So I went back for the rep to finally turn it on and again it’s on my left side. I told him and he didn’t explain anything so I am assuming everything is ok. He explains about how to charge and notice it’s only 50%. So I go home and charge. Now I am having to charge ever single day and last night I didn’t even make it through the night and it completely died. The night before was close to dieting. I got it charged to 70% until my device said it was close to dieing and stopped charging. I charge my hand controller every night. 

My questions are 

Is it normal to feel it on only one leg?

 And is it normal for the battery and controller to be charged every day?

It’s just reall annoying to have to do it every day that I’m ready to just call it quits all ready.  

My rep tells me when he turned it on that at night I should turn it down??? The thing is I feel most pain at night. With all I had to do to get it in my back I think I should be able to use it when I need it.



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    I had a SCS for several years I only had to charge mine every couple of days, but I rarely used it at night, I still think that a battery charge should last longer than you are saying, you may need to start bugging the company rep. until you get some answers. I will tell you that I don't remember ever getting a 100% charge on my unit. I am sure other members will be along and have better information than I do.


  • @Norriswife - which Medtronic unit do you have? I have the Intellis and recharge every 5 to 7 days depending on which program I've been using. Maybe your program uses more battery? It typically takes about an hour to fully recharge. You have to check the charge quality from time to time and sometimes change the position of the antenna to make sure you have a good connection. Getting the last bit of charge fro 90% to 100% takes the longest, presumably because it's being discharged from use at the same time it's being recharged.

    If you're getting stimulation on the wrong side then you should discuss with your Medtronic rep and they can work on the device programming to try and move the stimulation to the other side. They all say the same thing - you can turn it off at night because you're sleeping. But I've said what you're thinking - it's my device so I'll use it how I want.  Keeping it on at night helps me sleep better. I do turn it down when I go to bed but only because the stimulation increase when I lie down due to positioning of the leads.

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  • Hi, I have a Medtronic currently and I have to charge it twice a week. You don’t want to let it go dead  it will shorten the battery life considerably. I have my stimulator on a frequency of 1200 So I That takes a lot of power so I have to recharge it more frequently.  If you have to charge yours daily to keep it from going dead and you just got it Then you should definitely bring this up with somebody because there is a problem. I would mention it to your doctor who will call the medtronic rep.


  • I have a St. Jude (5 years old) that is having to be relocated due to issues. Instead, they are putting in a new non rechargeable. I am over the moon excited at the prospect of not having to recharge!! I have had to charge weekly, and the charger is so sensitive.

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