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Hello, I have suffered from back issues most of my adult life (30+ years). During the last 5 years I have also suffered from sciatica, disc degeneration, arthritis and now SI. The last 2 years my SI has been very painful and I have had to change my life due to the pain level. Thus far I have had an appointment with a spine doctor, xrays, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and have started acupuncture to alleviate the pain. The acupuncture and massage does help somewhat but has not made it go away and thus I am still looking for answers. I have also made diet changes in hopes of maybe finding a connection between what I eat and the pain with no luck.

After another doctor appointment last week where I informed my doctor that I wake up some nights with the top of my leg being numb and I have tingling up my spine, she ordered an MRI. Sleeping, sitting, standing and walking are all difficult. I am awaiting the MRI results from this. It seems like a lot of individuals said that the MRI does not show SI so now I am wondering if I will find any answers from this test. 

What has everyone tried to get relief? I am not an advocate of taking medications so this would not be an avenue I would look to pursue.  I am also not looking to have injections because my brother went down that route and it did not help. Has anyone tried anything such as exercise, homeopathic or other alternative route that I have not already listed? 




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    Hopefully the MRI will show the cause of the problem so your doctor can begin to treat it. I do understand what you are going through with the sciatica, it can be very painful. Beside taking Neurontin for nerve pain I also use ice packs and sometimes alternate with heat. While you are waiting on other members to reply, please read the links below.
    All about Sciatica 
    All you need to know about the SI Joint
    Coping with Chronic Sciatica

    Keep us posted with your MRI results.

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  •  First off David weres my smiley face sticker ?  :)

     Krysha...I too suffer from si joint dysfunction. Mine was detected threw xray. I also suffer from a host of other spinal issues. So far I've been threw 6 months of pt , I had si injection that was more for dx purpose and I also had RFA. I had rfa 6 months ago and am having it again in April . The rfa which is were they burn the irrated nerve help calm the extreme nerve pain I was in .

      My si joint is causing my left hip to uplift allowing my pelvic to rotate which ends up making my left side shorter then the right. I still have alot of issue but the rfa did make it more tolerable. I'm dealng with alot of different issues right now so as long as it tolerable it's not the top on my list.

       So more or less there are some non surgical treatment out there but we all are different and are affected different by them.

      I hope your MRI determines the issues and your soon on your way to help


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