Anterior cervical discectomy March 28th

Hey, y’all! 

I’m scheduled for surgery at the end of the month.  I also have back issues, but that’s for a far future handling.

I had my PAT today...had to share my list of allergies.  My food allergies will only be an issue if something happens and I have to stay overnight.

I’m trying to figure out clothing that won’t irritate the wound (i.e., no collar), and that will accommodate the neck brace temporarily.  All my button up shirts have collars.  I thought maybe some kind of loungewear shirt that has a wide neck.  Any thoughts?

I’m a little worried about swallowing problems, since I already have EoE dysphagia.  I bought applesauce, and will make myself some allergen free pudding.

I hope everyone’s surgery goes well.  My daughter’s dance coach is a nurse anesthetist; she told me patients go in hurting and wake up pain free!

I look forward to being able to lay down at night without pain in my head/neck!



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