4 Weeks tomorrow!

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Things are going well...although last night I was jerked awake by my dog's barking and I think I turned my head in response. Right after that I lightning bolt headache came on and noticed some pain radiating down my right arm. Also a bit of swelling/buldging on the right side at the base of my incision.  I iced it right away.  Notified the Dr. and they said to keep icing and observe for the next 2 or three days.  OK.

Is anyone in our February group who is post-op 4 weeks or so, staring to want to stretch and turn their head without thinking?  I want to give my neck a massage and just stretch it in the worst way!  Since the pain is minimmal, and other than the collar I'm wearing, I kinda forget I'm not supposed to turn or tip my head!  To keep myself in check I have tightened my collar--I can't go much tighter for there is no room (I think due to weight & muscle loss and swelling is down my neck seems pretty darn skinny!

Anyone as crazy as me?




  • I'm a former neck cracker too--it's like re-learning to live--ok--not that bad.  I'm scared to do anything without my surgeons approval so I'm feeling confident there.  Thanks for the affirmation!!

  • Hi Fi, I am 4 weeks today and feel very similarly— except my fusion is at the bottom (lumbar, L4-S1). Pain is so much less there are times I almost forget. Thank goodness for the brace, that helps remind. 

    I don’t have an urge to stretch, I just want to race up or down stairs, or go outside without my cane. I am lightly massaging the muscles on either side of my incision, which is sort of itchy on the inside. 

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  • Hi Momdown--yes, the itching!!  I asked my nurse about that and she said I could use Benedryl cream around the incision, not on it and it had helped quite a bit.

    I used to crack my neck--a lot so that habit has been gnawing at me even with the brace on.  The pain is definitely less but I am icing neck and shoulders daily--it helps a lot.

    Here's to continued hope and healing!


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