Glute, hamstring, groin and sciatica nerve Pain

Hi, I hurt myself 3 years back while playing volleyball. Few
days after I experienced hamstring and glute pain on my right side. Later
experienced sciatica pain and this was going on for a while. I had epidural
steroid injection, 2 piriformis injections and SI joint injection. Nothing
helped. When they had an MRI done to my lower back and pelvic 2 years back.
They found nothing in the lower back. But the only thing they found was a
labrum tear to my right hip. So, I did lot of PT, Chiropractor, dry needling
and massage sessions. They gave a bit relief. But, nothing really helped. So my
doctor had a contrast injection and MRI done to my labrum to confirm the tear
and then 3 weeks back I had my Arthroscopy surgery done to fix the labrum and
they did trim the bone. I am currently doing PT 2 times a week. But, I still
have the same pain in my glute, hamstring, groin and sciatica nerve.



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    Some people have herniated discs without any symptoms. Likewise some people have asymtomatic labral tears.

    I would make sure to get a complete workup to confirm the labral tear is your pain generator.

    I’ve seen many cases in medical journals where someone has a torn labrum, has the surgery, and is no better afterwards.

  • Thanks for the info. But, I had 2 MRI's done to my back. They never noticed any herniated discs. My Pain keeps changing in the Glute, Like sometimes i have it near the SI joint, Piriformis and sometimes in the upper hamstring. The nerve pain will go from glute--hamstring--calf--foot. This will make the hamstring and calf very tight. I had a L5-S1 Epidural injection which has no effect at all. Do you want me to consult any specific doctor?

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  • Hi Chip, First I went an orthopedic spine doctor and he ordered an
    L5-S1 injection after seeing the symptoms and it dint help. After few months of
    PT, Dry needling and chiropractor session I went the doctor again and he
    ordered a lower back and pelvic MRI’s and a piriformis injection. The Lower
    back MRI was normal and has no disc herniation. The pelvic MRI has shown a
    small tear in the labrum and nothing else. So he referred a sport doctor who does
    hip surgery and he saw my MRI and did a cortisone injection and that gave some relief
    but not much in the groin. Later I started getting pain in my groin, glute,
    hamstring and sciatica nerve. So the doctor ordered for contrast labrum- Right
    Hip MRI which should only the labrum tear and everything looks ok other than
    that. So he recommended the arthroscopy Hip labrum tear fix and FAI (trim bone)
    surgery and I had it done 3 weeks back. He said as they can only see the labrum
    tear and everything looks normal. This may ease the other pains. It’s been 3
    weeks and I’m still having Glute and Sciatica Pain. So just curious to know if
    this labrum repair will fix the pain. Its 3 years that I’m suffering from this

    Appreciate Your Help..
  • @challenger,I hope it will recover. He said it will take around 10-12 weeks to feel better. But i was not sure that the labrum tear is causing the glute and sciatica pain. So wanted to check if someone had the same issue and got resolved after the surgery. 

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  • @L4_L5, The Spine Doctor said that sometimes the MRI may not be accurate and the symptoms looks close to L5-S1 nerve compression. So he ordered it. This was 2 years back.

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    The main thing is you cannot give up, if you are not getting anywhere with your current doctor, it may be time to seek another opinion, you know you are in pain and sometimes you have to find the right doctor to help you.


  • I agree with Chip. Can you get a lumbar MRI with contrast? Maybe there’s a bugger hiding that’s not apparent on an MRI without contrast.

    Where is the pain located, rated from worst to best? For example...

    1. Groin (worst)

    2. Glute

    3. Hamstring

    4. Hip (best)

    That’s just an example. Or is the pain the same level in all areas?

  • @challenger, Yes i am going to change my spine doctor and get a new Lumbar MRI done with contrast. I had nerve conduction test done but that looks normal. Will ask about myelogram too.

    I really appreciate your advice.

  • @L4_L5, Yes i will get the contrast MRI done once i get the PT done for my labrum. 

    Too your question. If we rate the pain from scale (1-5) then 

    1. Groin (2 as i had surgery done )

    2. Glute (4 all the time)

    3. Upper Hamstring (2)

    4. Hip (no pain but some tightness because of the surgery)

    I really appreciate your advice.

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