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So a lot has happened now that midterms are upon us...thus far in the semester I've obliviously stumbled into a class looking for a lost glove while a student was presenting, wiped out in front of a security camera while running (denting my laptop inside my bag  :o and University Police saw the whole thing), and slept through my alarm more times than I care to think about.

Currently I'm sitting at a table in the student union representing the Psychology club and drawing people in by hanging up a sign that reads: "Freud was crazy - change my mind" to get people to come over and debate whether or not Freud really was a bit off. Honestly - he kind of was a really strange guy and modern psychology mostly agrees that he may have brought psychology and psychotherapy into vogue, however, he was pretty strange if not downright nuts and his research and theories have little scientific evidence to back them up. We're trying to advertise ourselves - the club isn't just for psych majors (we have criminal justice, pre-med/bio/chem, social work, and communications/journalism majors as regular attendees), we do fun things along with talking about topics in psychology (last week we played the game Thoughts Confound Psychology which is like Cards Against Humanity for psych nerds  :p ), and organize events like the annual campus Out of the Darkness walk.

I have my eye on a nearly 23 acre parcel of land near the college - I'm hoping it will still be there once I save up the rest of the down payment - that I want to build a house on. Mostly by myself with the assistance of professionals for the major stuff (electrical, plumbing, etc.). The goal is to have it done before my brother gets out of prison so that we'll finally have a place we can call home. It's a good place to live - a short drive from Rochester and Buffalo, several great graduate programs in the vicinity, no major issues with the weather on the same level as where we're originally from, and it's far away from where we're originally from while still having family we actually want to interact with nearby. It'll take a while and it'll be hard work, but it will be worth it in the end.

I also picked up a minor in Media Production to go along with my Psychology major. That way, I can get some more experience with cinematography and possibly borrow some equipment to film my documentary on. It's already storyboarded out, it just needs to have the funding, equipment, and the appropriate permits to get it filmed and edited. It only really needs a crew of 1-4 people (me included), one camera, tripod, microphones, lights, a car to carry the gear and the crew, the people themselves (the hard part), and a GoPro drone for a small amount of areal footage. Editing is easy enough - just needs a computer and school-supplied software which is free in the computer labs.

I have to finish two papers so they can be handed in tomorrow, so I'm off to manage even more mischief!



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    So good to hear from you, been a while!! You have a lot going on in your life now. Other members that read this will not know the story behind it but that's ok. Most of us do. And it's a story of serving your country only to have it's back turned on you when you got hurt. And how, over the years you have never, ever given up on yourself.
    I am so glad you are back in school and doing great. Keep up the good work!!

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