Burning Pain After Radiofrequency Ablation

Hey everyone,

I tried posting over in pain management but didn’t get too much traction so I thought I’d try here. I had a Radiofrequency ablation on T10-T12 three weeks ago. The great news is that my pain has moved and pretty much just hangs out where the injections were on the spine. It skips most of my back and my ribs are  in pain. It’s like a burning, tingling pain. It typically hurts when I lean against my back but the muscle spasms seem to last all day.

I didn’t get any steroid with my RFA, which my pain doctor said is atypical. I turned down the steroid because I’ve already had a few in the last year. 

Of course, the doctor says increased pain only lasts 10-14 days but I’m at 3 weeks with no signs of stopping. Anyone have experience with a thoracic RFA and the pain it causes?

Thanks all!



  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 291

    I've had RFA but had no symptoms like yours. I'd see my doc ASAP if I experienced your symptoms.

  • Yes, see the doctor. I often have a follow up about 2 weeks after an RFA. I've had tingling during, but no appreciable stuff going on after.

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  • I haven't had thoracic but have had lumbar and sacral nerves done, It seems it's different every time for me and I've had RFA done 6 times over 10 years. I've had sudden relief of course from the steroid and then throbbing burning pain which is relived with ice packs no more than 20 minutes each time a few times a day for me.

    Usually took me a month to get some relief and then some... but I have to take baclofen or something as well for muscle spasms at times. But hope your follow up Dr. appt. goes well and has some answers for you.

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