debating wheter to have cervical surgery or not

Hi All,

I am just writing to you all to gain some insight. Looks like I am leaning towards having surgery. I posted my story under the new member section, you can read it there, I don't want to post a repeat discussion. Long story short I have a bunch of bulging discs in my neck but the main issue is at C5-C6 with a disc herniation compressing the left side of my spinal card and left C6 nerve root.

I have tried epidurals and facet injections, neither worked and my neck is worsening along with my symptoms of numbness, tingling, tricep weakness and hand tremors.

My doctors and I are now in discussions of the next steps. As I mentioned in my previous post, fusion is my only option because I have lost the lordosis in my neck. My doctor explained to me that the surgery would be quick, its considered outpatient and I would be home the same day. Hard neck brace for 2 weeks, soft for the next few weeks after that. He told me it would be about 6-8 months before he would even recommend any type of lifting for me, which means 6-8 months of no work since my job is basically all labor. The toughest thing about all of this is the fact that I may have to find a new job now because work causes me pain and has contributed to my symptoms progressing.

Truth is I'm scared. I'm only 25 and have a lot of problems in my cervical spine and lumbar. Surgery scares the crap out of me because of the things I have heard regarding fusions.

Has anyone had surgery and their symptoms did not get better or their quality of life was impacted because of the fusion? I know each person is different and the ultimate decision comes down to me but I would just like to hear from anyone, surgery or no surgery, successful or unsuccessful. Did anyone wait and their symptoms progressed past the point of being fixable?

I appreciate any and all feedback.

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